New Mac, Suggestions?

Hello all,

I just recently purchased a PowerBook, and the last time I was really dealing with Apple products was when I worked for Apple doing tech support a few years back. So, in the usual vain, any suggestions for games to slap onto this thing? Thanks!

Erik J.


Saw that one coming, and I have it covered already. They call me the Linen Baron on Skywall. :p

Erik J.

All of Blizzards’s other games.

n’ Cheese.

All the Spiderweb RPGs are released on Mac first, I think. If you like brilliant old-school CRPGs with crappy graphics you can be ahead of the curve forever.

Dominions 2.

Breakout. Super Breakout…Photoshop.



Also, get and learn to love it. You’ll think it’s like Spotlight, but it isn’t. Trust me.

Isn’t buying a Mac and then asking about games kind of like going to Saudi Arabia for a tour of the local vinyards?

No its more like going to kansas then looking for the beach.

Wow, Mac bashing. Unique.

If you’re looking for Mac games, you can’t go wrong with anything from Ambrosia Software. I’d also recommend checking the reviews section at Inside Mac Games to see if anything grabs you. Personally, I’d recommend Unreal Tournament 2k4 and Command and Conquer: Generals. Both are great.

I love my iBook, but games and Macs don’t really go together. A good game (WoW) is an exception rather than the rule.

My windows box was purchased for video encoding and playing games, and it does both (at the same time) quite nicely.

Wow, Mac bashing. Unique.

Just a joke dude.

Back when a Mac ][ci was new and fast, I sure did love Dark Castle (and 2) and Strategic Conquest. I think they are both on that Ambrosia software page someone mentioned. Crystal Quest was awesome too, and would be awesome still if someone made it work with a modern OS.

Sorry for taking it too seriously. It’s a knee jerk reaction. Guess the old zealot in me is trying to get out :)

My sister got Crystal Quest working on her iMac (Lump-stick-rectangle version). I think the sound didn’t work quite right or something though. Man, that game was awesome…so were Robosport and 3 in Three.

I’ve got your quote for you Amanawski.

“You are wrong, this cannot be, there is no number 3 in three!”


Escape Velocity Nova (if you havent got it on the PC yet)


Oh how I forgot the joys of Mac bashing. What a fun time it was doing tech support for Windows iPods. Buncha lovely people call in. :p Anywho, thank you for the suggestions, I will certainly check them out. You generally have to ask about Mac games, because so few are designed for them. Handy thing to have when I don’t feel like slogging my desktop around on my back.

Erik J.

I love my mac and pc the same ammounts.