New Magazine: Massive

From the makers of Computer Games Magazine. Quarterly focusing on MMOs.

Mark you involved? :)

— Alan

I wonder if they’ll delve in to design discussions and design issues with MMOs that are out. That would be cool.

Oh forgot the webpage:

— Alan

Anything the CGM guys do, I’ll give it a try.

Does that mean the MMO pages in CGM will be put to some other use? That would be great since I don’t care about MMO games at all…

Neat idea. Of course they can’t compete with allakhazam and thottbot and the safehouse and whomever for topical news, patches, etc but a more in-depth look at mmo culture and high-end play could be interesting.

yeah I’d love to see the MMO pages in CGM recycled for something I’d like to read, like almost anything else in the magazine. it seems like they are mostly used for oversized previews of games that almost no one will play.

For your sake, I hope they never get into choggle pants, rusty trombones or space-docking.

no snowballing, please

Hot Carl

Shrimping or felching.

Maybe they can take all the MMOROFFDPREPGFGHKGHP shit out of the other magazine!

Knowing what the first one is, I really don’t want to know what the other two are.

Jesus. Reading this thread from the bottom up gives you a very strange idea of what this magazine is about.

Donuts? Did someone say they’re bringing donuts?

Oh man, if you want it from the bottom up… well, we have ways.

Dammit, I knew I should have phrased that differently.

Very cool idea. I think there is a market for this.


Well, for a rusty trombone, it’s something the chick would do to the guy, and uh, if done right, looks like she’s playing a “rusty trombone”. I’ll leave it at that, but you can probably use your imagination.

I’m actually a little shocked that I don’t know what space docking is. There’s probably a good reason I don’t know what it is, and that I probably shouldn’t want to know, either.

you dont want to know

trust me.

Oh, and there’s always prairie dogging.