New 'Master and Commander' movie in the works?

I’m in. I love this movie, almost as much as I love the books that it was based on. Sounds like they’re looking at reboot basically, so Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany would not be returning, but I could live with that. I’m hopeful this turns into something real.


Peter Weir is only 76! He could direct it.

If this is based on the start of Lucky Jack’s career, why don’t they just call it “Master and Commander”?

Likely to avoid confusion with the previous movie. It’s fine.

Now if we could only get more Hornblower films. Ioan Gruffudd has sufficiently aged enough to be a grizzled frigate captain.

Ok for the books, where would you suggest starting? Would it be the first book, and which one is that?

I was actually just browsing my library catalog yesterday to see what books in the series they have.

I don’t find the Horatio Hornblower films or books nearly as interesting as O’Brien’s stories, but I think that’s mainly because I don’t like Hornblower as a character nearly as interesting as Aubrey or Maturin. But they’ll do in a pinch for some seafaring action.

The first book is actually called ‘Master and Commander’ and is the perfect place to start.

Master and Commander (Book 1): Patrick O’Brian: 9780393307054: AmazonSmile: Books

I’m not sure I like you much as a character. Sir.

Are we really doing this again? OK, look: Hornblower hates music. He says it all sounds like noise to him. Aubrey and Maturin practice playing music together in their spare time on the Surprise. That’s a deficit that Hornblower just can’t recover from in my book.

edit: but what the hell, I’ll keep going. Hornblower has a savant-like mastery of seagoing warfare. He is always on top of the situation. Aubrey is a strong leader and knowledgeable of what his ship and his crew can handle, but does often find himself outmatched. Aubrey is more relatable as a human character.

Hornblower is irresistible to women, though he often admits he does not understand women and has no idea how to talk to them. Aubrey has gotten into trouble a number of times due to his pursuit of women, even after getting married.

And Hornblower doesn’t have Stephen Maturin. Set, and match.

So you’re going all ableist on him? Okay, okay. I see how it is.

Is it necessarily a bad thing that someone named Hornblower doesn’t like to play music though?
It reminds me of this old saying: “A gentleman is a man who can play the bagpipes, but doesn’t”

Well, can’t appreciate music, is more like it. But no, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m just comparing him as a character to Jack Aubrey.

He’s always on top of the situation because he was based on a dude, Thomas Cocraine, who always WAS on top of the situation. And he was irresistible to two women. Two.

He’s a Mary Sue, Brian.

You’re a Mary Sue.

And that is the perfect place to bow out of this particular line of discussion. If anyone else would like to digress further on the merits of Horatio Hornblower versus Jack Aubrey, by all means. I believe I’ve made my position clear.

Perfect. I’ll pick that up at some point in the near future then. Thanks!

This makes me very happy. Avoiding any details until it’s out.

Sure have, it’s “Brian said he likes a thing, here, let me shit upon it thusly.”