New Master of Magic Trademark Filed (2019)

And also, why won’t someone do a fucking Cavewars reboot already? THAT game was the shit.

I’m horrible, but I want someone to take Emrich’s original design for moo3 and complete it. I just want to see what it would have been.

Maybe someone can give Barcia a ton money to revive simtex and finally make sequels worthy of the franchises.

Amen to that.

Sadly I think Steve is quite happy at EA Canada, or at least he was years ago. Not sure what he is doing nowadays I assume still there?

I mean, if recent-ish history has taught us anything about trademarks to classic series being revived with no connection to their original designers…

It’s that it always ends well and with everyone happy?

Wait, no, no. . . somehow that doesn’t feel right.

Was that a sequel to this?


I do not even recognize that. Wow.

I agree Deity Empires is basically MOM with more of everything.

A MOM remake with Atari involved is almost guaranteed to be a disaster.

This might be interesting. In the mean time, I think I will pick up Deity Empires on the next sale. I have been holding off because of life, so far.

What is the organization that wears Atari’s desiccated flesh these days anyway?

Well, according to wikipedia:

Infogrames Entertainment (IESA) bought Hasbro Interactive in 2001 and renamed it Infogrames Interactive, which intermittently published Atari branded titles. In 2003, it renamed the division Atari Interactive. Another IESA division, Infogrames Inc. (formerly GT Interactive[10]), changed its name to Atari Inc. the same year, licensing the Atari name and logo from its fellow subsidiary.[2][11][12]

In 2008, IESA completed its acquisition of Atari, Inc.'s outstanding stock, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.[13] IESA renamed itself Atari, SA in 2009. It sought bankruptcy protection under French law in January 2013.

They’re filing for the trademark. Wouldn’t it be swell if someone else owned the copyright?

It was a fun little games with a surprising amount of depth.

Wow, the sound effects and colors alone are such a heavy nostalgia hit. So great.

No, I’m talking this:

A fascinating underground, multi-level strategy game from Avalon Hill.

I am not sure I agree, or perhaps I do not get the game. I have tried several games and it just seems like I am doing turn after turn of the same thing. Even when I get like 5 cities, I am just doing the same thing I was on turn one, expcet maybe I am fielding 2 armies instead of one, just clearing out monster lairs. In 3 games I have never seen an AI city, and only twice seen an AI unit. The default maps have far too many lairs. I sometimes have to deal with walls of lairs because there are so many. I also seem to be missing the wonder / magical aspect of MoM. Leveling up your wizard is so slow. Everything is so slow. You think by turn 150 or 200 you would be somewhat advanced, but no, you are still just starting out.

Although Firaxis did well with X-Com, IMHO.

Yeah, exactly, it’s pretty much a remake of Master of Magic. It’s just, we were younger than, and didn’t know better.

I played MoM a pair of times in the last decade and that description doesn’t sound like MoM…

I remember MoM was all about putting down cities, and trying to get enough troops to take a stab at one of the Magic Nodes. Sometimes those Nodes would be unbelievable powerful, and you would really have to either get a huge army together, or, take advantage of the system by play dark elves with nature magic.
Then you could take the invisible stalkers (which would still take a long time, because they were at the end of a long build tree and dark elves grow so very slowly) and just cast Call Lightning. And just sit there as the 3-4 Great Wyrns, or Fire Dragons or whatever was attacked by lightning every turn. Either way, it was a wait.

I guess you had more interaction with the AI, which was nice.

Oh, and learning all the cheap tactics that you could, like Super Elite Slingers with magic weapons.