New Mechwarrior game coming?

I sure hope so. Not sure if it will be any good but it has been a long time. Still, Piranha Games? I don’t know if this will turn out ok.

Forget that, if you want a new mechwarrior game set your sights on this.

Sweet! I just hope it’s more like Mech3 and less like Mech 4. Of course, this being a console-centric time where joystick games are out of vogue, the best we can hope for might actually be a Mech game with a more arcade control scheme like Mechassault, or perhaps something a little more hardcore like Chromehounds.

Here’s hoping for something a bit more simmy than Mechwarrior 4, but I won’t hold my breath.

Ah this conjures up heady visions of imagined potential, which I am sure reality will brutally guillotine when more details emerge ;)

I second the hope that it will be more like Mechwarrior 3 than 4.

They have the right to Shadowrun too, so give me a proper Deus Ex like RPG.

Not getting my hopes up yet.

They just need to redo Mech 2 with HD graphics, and keep the same musical score. GOTY.

At this point I think hoping for something more simmy than MechAssault is pushing it.

I just want two things from this game:

Not be another Mechassault.
Netcode that works (unlike MW4 and especially MW3).

Given your handle, that’s hardly a surprise, is it?

It’s going to be a console game. Accept that and move forward. The only question is if they’ll make it for a real console (i.e., not Wii, not portable).

At this point, I would HOPE that it will be a (real) console game even over a PC game. I tried controlling the earlier Mechwarrior games with a mouse and keyboard once. It was horrible! I much prefer the 360 controller over the mouse+keyboard option for giant mechs. I would hate for the Mechwarrior series to go down the Freelancer route. The modern controllers are much more analogous to older joysticks than the mouse is.

Please be true…I would love a new(good) mech-game…

Since everyone are in “I want for X-mas” mode: I want Mech2 Ghost Bear Legacy.

Wheeled vehicles?! Clearly, this will suck.

Is it officially okay yet to put a bullet in people who throw around “HD” as a vague catch-all for “better”?

I want this to be more like Mechwarrior Mercenaries. Please?

Mech2 didn’t have enough graphical fidelity yet for me to feel like I was really in a giant robot that was several stories tall. In my mind’s eye, I only saw each Mech as the size of a person, give or take, and the fighting never felt epic to me, just really slow. The “Skyscrapers” in the cities in Mech 2 felt like rectangular boxes more than cities. I guess I’m saying that the graphics back then weren’t good enough to immerse me in the universe at all. Even Mech1 did a better job of that than Mech 2 since you were often in the bars hiring men and women to pilot your Mechs for you, which made the universe feel more real than the completely bland environments of Mech2 which were completely devoid of any personality.

I guess for Mech2 fans, that sense of immersion and personality was added through it’s (admittedly excellent) intro movie and their own imaginations, but I guess that wasn’t enough for me. I just found it to be one of the most bland games I’ve ever played.

I thought Zipper did such a great job from the very first mission in Mech3 in making it feel like you were in a giant robot. As you walk out of the water, you see the houses, and the small dock, and the civilian structures as well as the tiny tanks and other military vehicles that are no match for your Mech. Right away they establish in the player’s head that you are this giant killing machine, which is a sense I never got from Mech 2.

What Mech2 lacked in graphics, it more than made up in sound design. The sound of stressed metal as you lurched into motion gave me more sense of mass and size than any graphics ever have.

You can already run it at “HD” resolutions with some hacks. Texture and model upgrades, on the other hand, would definitely be welcome. After playing MW4 I got nostalgic and fired MW2: Mercs up, and was amazed at how plain everything looked compared to my rose-colored memory. I’d still play it but decided not to at the time.

What are the console examples of a branching storyline game that lets you earn cash and kit out your team? That probably determines the likelihood of that.