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This song is great and I appreciate the video as well.

Yeahhhh, love that Grandaddy.

New Idles!

Yeah, not making it til Tuesday.

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That’s a great new Grandaddy LP for sure. Good to have him back!

If you’re in the mood for whistle-vibes, Molly Lewis has her debut album out today. That was her whistling What Was I Made For on the Barbie soundtrack. We saw her open for Weyes Blood last year. I’m not sure how I feel about a whole album of this stuff but it’s unique! And I like her sense of humor about it…

Heard this during my commute. I grabbed her latest off of Bandcamp and freakin’ love it.

…as an aside, does anyone else still purchase music? I mentioned to my friend that I grabbed this today and his response was, “You don’t do Spotify???” Nope, I buy. It’s rare that I add new music to my library, but when I do, I buy. And my commute isn’t long enough to justify a subscription service. I barely catch half of Morning Edition driving in.

Interesting! Minutes before you posted that, I got the NYT email music newsletter The Amplifier highlighting Hurray for the Riff Raff at the top of the article and touting The Past is Still Alive as its AotY so far.

Thanks for that one! She’s great. I first heard her on this Big Star cover with Bedouine and Waxahatchee:

I occasionally buy music on vinyl but primarily use Spotify. I don’t buy digital music or even use the download codes that I get when I buy albums. Today I got a shipment with the Harold and Maude soundtrack, Cake by Trashcan Sinatras, and Ocean Rain by Echo and the Bunnymen. And soon the Numero Group will be sending a new 5-album box set of reissued early albums by The American Analog Set.

It’s a really, phenomenally great morning for all the kids who dig that devil’s music so much. Get yourself a coffee, nerds. We’ve got the rock and roll that pumps the wattage into your cottage…

New Daniel Romano album. After last year putting out a full length album that was one 33-minute song, this one doesn’t have a track over 4 minutes. This is how you do a side one, song one:

Also new Sheer Mag! Is this the record that sends them to the heights they deserve? Dunno. But hope so. Recorded for Jack White’s Third Man, this thing is fire.

And if that wasn’t enough (and by god, don’t you think it oughta be?), Bad Nerves announce a new record in May with a lead single from it. They’re back in the states this spring. Don’t miss 'em live. They’re maybe one of the best live rock/punk/whatever bands I’ve ever seen onstage.

LOL at “wattage into your cottage.” THANK YOU FOR THE ROCK MUSIC.

I love that Bad Nerves ‘moving album cover’ music video. Cool song too!

That Bad Nerves lyric video is phenomenal, truly.

Thanks for that. Never heard of him, but now I know what I’ll be listening to for the immediate future.

I’d never heard of him until 2020, when I saw his name start showing up on a ton of year-end best-of lists.

And what was striking about that was…it was like four different records. Turns out during the pandemic year, Romano (who has his own studio), put out a dozen records that year, under his own name, under the name of his current recording project, The Outfit, and some other stuff (like his hardcore punk project, Spider Bite, or his Guided By Voices-inspired collaboration Ancient Shapes.)

So yeah, if you dig, there’s a lot to find. Most of his stuff between 2010 and 2017 is serious country – like, he was wearing honky tonk yoked shirts and cowboy hats as if he was at the Opry. And a lot of his stuff is on his bandcamp page, but not on Spotify or other streamers.

New Native Howl featuring Lizzy Hale. This is about as close to country as I’m willing to get.

Holy shit, I just found out there’s a new Jesus & Mary Chain album coming out at the end of the month!

New releases today from Adrianne Lenker, Julia Holter, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Waxahatchee. Daaamn!

I give you the return of the 20 minute long multi-movement Decemberists tune (which, it turns out, is the closer to their new album):

I love those weirdos.

Love this song!

Damn, I love both Blondshell and Bully! Nice! Also really been liking Sloppy Jane lately.