New music from the year 2021

People are still making new music and I guess people are still listening?

So new Julien Baker has ~60k views

Meanwhile debut from Olivia Rodrigo has ~47 million views in about the same time period


This came out at the end of November, but that was too late for me to find it.

So. Here’s the Bad Nerves, all the way from London. FUCKYEAH

January 2021:

If we’re posting 2020 stuff that dropped late last year, Seasurfer double album came out in December, first album is almost darkwave and a bit gothier while second is more dreampop.

On the actual darkwave front there’s a new Gary Numan album due but I found the first single rather uninspiring.

Julian Baker did an interview concert with KEXP lately that’s worth watching if you are interested in her at all. She’s one of the few artists that I genuinely enjoy her interviews.

Julien Baker - Performance & Interview (Live on KEXP at Home) - YouTube

In the random Spotify discoveries, this showed up in my release radar for unknown reasons but I dig it.
Dark electropunk from Stockholm, album out in April.


foo fighters fu to you know who

Happy new music year!

I’m digging the new Kiwi Jr. album a whole bunch.

New Chills album Scatterbrain is coming on May 14th!

New Chills song Monolitth is coming right now!

New Mighty Mighty Bosstones with tons of guests

Features Armstrong (Rancid), Aimee Interrupter & The Interrupters, Stranger Cole, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers), Jay Navarro (Suicide Machines), Chris DeMakes, Pete Wesilewski, Roger Lima (Less Than Jake), Jimmy G (Murphy’s Law), Toby Morse, Rusty Pistachio (H2O), John Feldman (Goldfinger), Laila Khan (Sonic Boom Six), Robert Hingley (Toasters), Dan Vitale (Bim Skala Bim), Dave McWane (Big D and The Kids Table), Sirae Richardson, Erin Mackenzie, Brie McWane (The Doped Up Dollys), Jesse Wagner (Aggrolites), Karina Denike (The Dance Hall Crashers), Christian Jaccobs (The Aquabats), Jon Pebsworth (Buck O Nine), Peter Porker (The Porkers), Steve Jackson (The Pietasters), Felipe Galvan (Los Skanarles), Jet Baker (Buster Shuffle), Fumio Ito (Kemuri), Glen “The Kid” Marhevka (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy), and Roddy Radiation (The Specials).

Hm, I love most everything The Chills do, but don’t love that.

But…The Groop is back, maybe?

Nice! That song is all over the place.

Let’s keep living in the 90s. Here’s some Teenage Fanclub to go with your Stereolab.

Sensing a theme…

The new Matthew Sweet I think is some of his finest songs in a good while. This full album dropped right after the new year.

Yeah, I’m getting a real Dots and Loops feel from it.

Now that Fanclub song is more like it!

Does this count?

Only if these count also!

This is totally reminding me of Brian Eno’s Burning Airlines.

Hurt by Arlo Parks was one of my favorite songs of last year so I’m excited to check out her debut album out today.

Fuzz putting out some new hard-rock bangers. Live recording at Gold Diggers for Covid mental relief, goes dark on Feb 27th