New Music in 2023 - one day, we'll be cool

Happy New Music Year!

Thought I’d kick off a new thread since it’s a Belle and Sebastian release day. They have a new album called Late Developer announced only a week ago and arriving just eight months after 2022’s A Bit of Previous. Nice.

Here’s a pop anthem to get you up and moving…

…and a duet (with Tracyanne Campbell!) to get you sitting back down again.

Been enjoying the new record by Stuart and company. It kind of sounds like it might be the last one…for at least a while.

Also, howzabout some Nouvelle Pornographers?

Their new record comes out this spring on Merge.

Just wanted to drop by our shiny new thread here to say how much I’m enjoying the new Belle & Sebastian record. I honestly expected this to be kind of an odds and sods type collection, given some interviews with Murdoch talking about how a lot of these songs have been in the works for years, even a couple of decades without finding a home on an album.

But man. This is just really hitting me in all the right places.

Also, happy “There’s New boygenius Music Day” for everyone who celebrates!

I agree. Loving that new B&S very much.

Thanks for the boygenius! They sound great.

Here’s a cool new track from Pale Blue Eyes called More. Ironically, it’s an edit. The full, 4-minute version is on spotify etc.

And the first new Caroline Rose song since their star-crossed 2020 album came out in March of that year, literally the week the world shut down due to the pandemic. Tour canceled. Further planned videos canceled. Appearances on national TV no more.

Safe to say, wry and funny Caroline Rose is taking a back seat to “Fuck you I mean this shit” Caroline Rose on their next record.

EDIT: pronouns corrected.

Maybe this requires its own thread, but David Crosby, the first name in Crosby, Stills, & Nash & Also Young, passed away.

And now a new Flyying Colours single. Man, what a month!

That was really great, thanks for posting it.

Good new song by Unknown Mortal Orchestra and a great video to go with it…

YES! Carl Newman tweeted out that video earlier and both the video and song are terrific.

And also this new Vagabon is sounding just great. I love her.

but I’m more ready now
yeah I’m all ready now

Caroline Polachek’s new album is out today. Sounds great so far!

Still going! I like this one.

I am digging the new music for 2023! The Depeche Commode (I kid! I kid!) is growing on me, and Carolina Polachek is one of my fave discoveries (thanks to senor Morton) of recent months.

I missed this earlier in the year, but apparently we’re getting a new Everything But The Girl record this year!

Also, the new Yo La record is pretty incredible.

New album in March.

I am typically not one who pays a ton of attention to label signings, but I do remember seeing right at the start of the year that Matador had signed a band called Water From Your Eyes and then immediately assigned them to be the opening act for Interpol on a series of concert dates. I just remember thinking “That’s a nice get for the new band.”

And then a couple of days ago, I noticed a fair number of Interpol fans on social media bitching about the shitty noise band they had to sit through to get to Interpol’s set. Which, your band is pissing off Interpol fans? Now I’m interested!

And so yeah, that band (it’s actually a duo, I guess) just dropped their first single from their forthcoming album. And yeah, it’s fairly noisy! But also with a ton of structure to it, and build and drop that definitely makes it feel like there are some traditional song structures hidden in the forest, if you don’t lose them for the trees.

I dig this a lot.

Ha! Pretty cool sounding song.

Ooh, and I totally missed that Tim Rutili has made a couple of Califone records since 2009.

But bless the Youtube algorithm for knowing me well enough to drop this new Califone track into my recommends today!

It’s Califone for sure, but this sounds almost…sprightly!

This girl’s on fire.