New Music Thread - 2017


Andras Schiff performing Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1, at the BBC Proms just a week and a half ago. This is a lovely performance of Bach’s contrapuntal masterpiece.


And I’m pretty sure I watched a bunch of that same Swervedriver show on livestream. Good time, indeed!


Just saw this NY Times profile of Moses Sumney. I hope he’ll finally get to blow up. I’ve been a fan since the first time I heard “Dwell in the Dark” and I’ve seen him live twice. Big talent, IMO.


Charles Bradley has lost his fight with cancer, sadly.


Kindling, who I’ve plugged before, just signed with 6131 Records and have a new LP out this November. First single.

Meanwhile, former 6131 artist, Julien Baker has a new album out in October with Matador

Also of note, new Wolf Parade.


Since this is our music catch-all…

I’ve lived this movie with my dad and stepdad. I’m afraid I know how it ends.


Oh, shit.


Well, that’s another drag.




Removed from life support.


Good morning!


Stumbled into this band on the Classic Rock CD that came with issue 239. Lots of good new music on that disc but these guys really stood out… Koyo.


A radio station here in Australia called Triple J does a regular thing called “Like a Version” where bands/singers come in and play a cover. Two days ago they had a new Sydney-based artist called ‘Gordi’ come in and she did Linkin Park’s “In the End”. I thought it was really good and unique so in case its of interest:


Interesting indeed, and a cool take.
Anybody know what that instrument is that she’s operating?


It’s a harmonium, I think. Hear it a lot in Indian music. And occasionally in music by Cornershop or The Elephant Stone.


Thanks, trig.


And if you find one in Kyoto, you can write a jaunty little tune!

Music for a Found Harmonium

I’ve loved this since I was a kid and don’t intend to stop now!




Anyone here a Robyn Hitchcock fan?

I didn’t know he released an album earlier this year. After The Egyptians broke up I only followed him sporadically; I think his solo stuff, while at times brilliant, is very inconsistent.

Anyway, the new album (self-titled and non-acoustic) is really good! Probably the best solo album he’s released and has some of the best material he’s written since his days with The Egyptians.


Ah, guess this had been somewhat mentioned already!