New Music Thread - 2017


Over the years, Paul Weller’s been a chameleon. Punker, mod-popster, soul crooner, synthpop guy, rustic folky guy, northern soul king, post punk, you name it.

What style hasn’t he tried?


HOLY SHIT. Paul just released the first track off his next solo album, and it sounds like he’s knee deep in a David Bowie period. Which is amazing. And this song is amazing. Easily my favorite Weller track in 10 years or more.



Meanwhile, Sir Ray Davies has gone Americana…

And Mark Lanegan turns to goth-synth?? (Love this one…)

5 stars says Mojo!


The Jayhawks are Sir Raymond Davies’ backup band on his new joint…


Oh, hell yeah. Loved her first album so much.


All arguments on the relevancy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are null and void for at least the next 24 hours. Roy Wood is being specifically inducted as part of the ELO induction tonight.

Roy Fuckin’ Wood, man.


Ah, The Move… Don’t forget this classic! Love it.

Meanwhile, new Guided by Voices and New Pornographers albums are out today. What year is it again?


These kids are slaying me right now.

And new single here

AND a new Melody’s Echo Chamber coming soon. This really is the best of all possible worlds.


New The Octopus Project hit this week: Memory Mirror. I’m really enjoying it so far. Not a lot of tracks up on YT to share, but I did find this one:

Further edits: Oh yes, good, found a Soundcloud of one of the better tracks :-D

I actually got to go see them Sunday night here in North Carolina. Their touring opener, Raindeer, had to cancel, and the local support act, Le Weekend were, as my gf and I decided upon, somewhere between a bad Dinosaur Jr. cover band and a bad Editors cover band, but hey, can’t win 'em all.

The Octopus Project themselves were pretty amazing, though. Third time seeing them, with the most recent being their legendary set at Moogfest in 2010 when members of Devo joined them onstage to perform a few Devo tracks (Devo was scheduled to play that night, but the guitarist seriously injured his hand, forcing them to cancel their own set).

New member Lauren Gurgiolo wasn’t quite as lively and interactive as the other members, and was actually walking away from the stage toward the bar when they decided to start an impromptu encore, but she fit right into the band’s instrument-switching, twee-cutesy antics just fine. Great show and a great night :)

[details=Pics from the show][/details]

edit: Actually, my recording of their closing track, “Sharpteeth,” came out better than I thought it might. Missed the first 15 seconds or so, but caught the very awesome ending to the night with multinstrumentalist Yvonne Lambert


So A Projection showed up in Discover Weekly, and well they are super derivative, on their 2017 album Framework oscillating between sounding like The Cure and upbeat Joy Division. Still, despite their lack of originality, I’m kind of digging them at the moment, like some sort of post punk gothy comfort music.


New Royal Thunder dropped about a week ago. It’s about as close as I’ve gotten to matching the sheer perfection of controller.controller’s X-Amounts, so I’m definitely onboard with that. Not actually my favorite song on the album, but a little harder to find on Youtube right now. If you can stream “Burning Tree,” do so :-D

Badass bluesy female-fronted hard rock that is everything I hoped Screaming Females would be when I heard their name.


Love the latest Kendrick Lamar


Really dug both songs Harry Styles played on SNL last night, but I sure hope Pete Ham’s estate is getting a songwriting royalty for this one:


Honestly I haven’t been following Mr. Styles, but I feel like this post came from bizarro world triggercut.


Can only Bizarro Triggercut like Baby Blue?

  1. I like pop music. Not one for boy bands by any means, but given the post-boyband success and artistic validity of Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams, shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’d be at least interested in hearing what Harry Styles might cook up.

  2. And his songs are solid, if not great…but yeah, that Badfinger lift damn near sounds like a sample.


As a test, without any explanation, I played that Styles song while my girlfriend was sitting here behind me. Suddenly, she yelled, “Holy shit! That’s Baby Blue!” And she’s no Badfinger expert, although she has always been fond of that song. One of my all-time personal favorite riffs (next to the opening chord progression from BTO’s Let It Ride.


Regarding the ongoing Styles discussion, this guy won some points with me over this one:


Good for Harry. That’s as it should be.

I’m constantly amazed at the weird lack of self-awareness in music fans across all ages and demographics. Every generation feels like there’s an older group of music fans who dismiss them and are boring old farts…and yet when that first generation reaches a certain age, they participate in the same dismissiveness.


Apparently Jawbreaker playing riot fest. Hopefully full reunion tour to follow.


We’re doomed to become our parents.