New Music Thread - 2017


Hey, thanks for sharing! At least for the first listen, Lovesick didn’t quite do it for me. I think it sounded a bit too funky or had a bluesy sound for lack of a better word. There were parts that I liked her voice but it wasn’t quite as smooth or soft sounding as Selena Gomez’s in It Ain’t Me. I think I also like the more upbeat beat of It Ain’t Me. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly why one song clicks and another doesn’t!


I’m definitely the same way. No idea why I like what I like but I do. I do like.


New Slowdive album hits today:

Flippin’ gorgeous, it is, but we knew that.


Banner couple of weeks for new releases, apparently.

Lovely new Primitves EP!

New LCD Soundsystem single, sounding very U2 of all things.

Woods with a wonderful mini-LP…they seem to be expanding their sonic palette somewhat.

And poor Mark Mulcahy still can’t get arrested, despite continually releasing quality records.


I am happy to say that I only crashed at Nastanovich’s house twice…and he does know my name.

Huge part of the Derby experience for me back in the day. And yeah, like Bob…it was fun, but in no hurry to re-create it.


I absolutely love this record. I guess they’re classic rock at this point, but so am I.


Speaking of classics, Inspiral Carpets drummer, Craig Gill, commits suicide, age 44. His wife says tinnitus may have driven him to it. As a fellow sufferer, I feel his pain.

(Lord, those haircuts…)


Holy cow, I met Craig in Manchester just last year. Very gracious, low-key guy. Gutted to hear that.


Gah, 44 is way too young. And with kids! For my wife and I, Sleep Well Tonight is one of “our songs.”

Hope you’re doing okay, charm. Must be difficult.


Not new music exactly, but I just finished listening to the first episode of new Slate podcast Hit Parade about how “Red Red Wine” went from obscure Neil Diamond flop in the 60s to worldwide reggae-pop hit record by UB40. It was a pretty entertaining half-hour, so I thought I’d plug it here.


I was relistening to one of my favorite albums of 2016 tonight and heard a little ditty that made me think of your comment here (there’s a few instances of staccato/broken-sounding vox here, though it’s not as central as in the S. Gomez song):

Haken write such beautiful music. . . I wish they wrote it faster >.>


About midway through the song I started liking it more but I didn’t identify why that was. Maybe he started singing in a higher key?


Could definitely be that. I don’t have a very good ear for music at all, despite listening to it all the time (I’m essentially tone deaf, have no sense of rhythm, and little sense for timbre), so things like key changes are hard for me to spot, but there around 2:20 or so, a new movement seems to kick off!


New album from Australian prog-rock/metal-ers Voyager. A little spacey, kinda melodic, but still kicks when it needs to :-D

I also really dug “What Wonderful Day”


New Mountain Goats track is amazing. It’s just so wonderfully Sisters of Mercy-ish…a perfectly dramatic soundtrack for our dramatic times.


Midwest band anti-Trump compilation (Bandcamp, proceeds go to Planned Parenthood)


Courtesy of KEXPs Song of the Day blog, check out Finnish guitar freaks Teksti-TV 666! They’re triggering my nostalgia for Bizarro-era Wedding Present so get on this, charmtrap.

Three EP’s on Spotify and not a mediocre song in the bunch.


Technically from back in Feburary, but Battle Beast’s latest, Bringer of Pain is pretty solid cheeseball 80s revival glam metal nonsense. But given the last couple of days’ worth of news, this video seems appropriate. . .

(even if this one is by far my favorite track on the album, and a little less metal for those who don’t love that kinda thing. I’m gonna go out on a limb and call it Lita Ford esque)


New 3TEETH drops officially tomorrow but the full album is up for preview on the official Youtube channel. Industrial Metal straight from the early 90s. They opened for Tool last year, and are opening for Rammstein on select dates this summer.


Ooh, I need to give that a listen ASAP. For the non metal kids, I present this very groovy song and cool music video a friend shared with me recently: