New Music Thread - 2017


3Teeth sound like they’ve evolved a little and that’s good. The first album was pretty great but it felt like the same song over and over again. Glad to hear Alex trying out a few different vocal styles this time around.


I was a little underwhelmed by the last couple of Pains of Being Pure at Heart records, but if this is anything to go by I might be a little excited about the next one.


Yes! I agree about the Pains recent output. More like this, please.

This tune by Eyelids is pretty damn great.


New Palehound is promising


I really love Havania Whaal’s newest song a whole lot.


Also, have we discussed the new Temples record that came out back in February?

Because if you would have asked me in February what I thought of it, I would have dismissed it as a bunch of doofuses trying to imitate Tame Impala. And then if you asked me in March, I would’ve just said “Not interested.” And then in April, I’d have said “Well, some of the songs are good and stick to you if you give them a chance.” And now in May I’d say “You know, this might be better than Tame Impala’s last record, they’ve co-opted their style a bit, but gone into their own cool place with it.”


Bandcamp put together a list of 10 modern shoegaze bands. I knew of most, but not all of them so I thought it worth a share


Guess I need to revisit that Temples LP. I thought it sounded okay but quickly drifted on to other things. Also, Supermoon sounds really cool.


New-old Radiohead!

Beautiful tune.


Kind of dig this Hey Colossus track, album is out tomorrow


And now I Promise has a beautiful video too…


A quote from Jayson Greene’s Pitchfork review of the new Alt-J album:

Joe Newman sings through his nose, like a mean-spirited hobbit mocking the singing voice of another hobbit.


Just gonna pull the pin on this and throw it.


Awesome. I love them!

And speaking of great new songs released today…


I’ve been obsessed with this hauntingly beautiful Cactus Blossoms track since hearing it on Twin Peaks S03E03. Love what he’s doing with the closing credits each week. Thanks, David!


Need more of Waxahatchee, for sure.

For my part, pretty addicted to this new Superchunk 7".


Æther Realm, somehow channeling all the glory of Scandinavian folk metal from their homes in Asheville, NC have rapidly become not only one of my absolute favorite “local” acts (nevermind that Asheville’s 4 hours west of here), but one of my favorite bands full stop. Their latest, Tarot, just dropped on streaming services :)

Lots of floofy orchestration, catchy choruses, and crunchy riffs–it’s everything I’m looking for in my metal!


Of course, if you prefer your music marginally less screamy (SAD!), Unleash the Archers’ latest, Apex also just dropped:

Plus, hey, sick ass hawk action in the video.


The new Beach Fossils album sounds really good so far.


Greta Van Fleet

Don’t know where these guys came from, but their music ticks all my boxes.
“Highway Tune” just got played on my local radio station, and my ears perked up.
Bunch of kids doing really good Retro Rock.
Vocalist sounds as if he’s channeling Robert Plant.

Edit: I found a little bit of info: