New must-see tourist attraction

Finally, a reason to visit Utah!

This is now officially on my must-visit list, alongside the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, Florida, the world’s biggest ball of string in Darwin Minnesota, and the future site of James Tiberius Kirk’s birth in Riverside, Iowa.

Wait … They demolished their very first restaurant just so they could put a museum about KFC in it’s place?

Rather than leaving the building there for it’s historical value and allowing people to say they ate at the very first KFC and simply building a musuem around it, they destory an important part of their own history?

Sounds like your typical modern American megacorporation to me.

Maybe the building was unsafe, so rather than abandon the site they decided to rebuild? Or maybe the rubble pile lets them keep a supply of fresh rats close at hand?

Yeah, that struck me as odd, too. Sort of like tearing down the Colliseum to put up a museum commemorating Roman architecture.

Not like you can hold gladitorial combat there nowadays…

:lol: bleck

The thing that struck me was the branding decision, and how odd occurrences can change history (somewhat). I think in some way, the world would be different if “Kentucky Fried Chicken” featuring the Colonel would have been “Mormon-Style Fried Rats” featuring Leon “Pete” Harman.