new Netflix Transformers series

Oooh! Super-excited. I love transformers and Netflix has done really well with it’s animated series (e.g., Castlevania, Voltron, Dragon Prince).

I know. I mentioned it Netflix streaming, but I am glad you made a topic. It deserves one!

Optimus’s voice doesn’t sound like Peter Cullen, unless my ears deceive me. If it isn’t Cullen, sad face.

I wonder how cinematic technology and AI/machine learning is doing on synthesizing someone’s voice. I suspect there’s much less of an uncanny valley issue, there.

Nope, it’s still him.

The first chapter, which is only 6 half-hour episodes, is up on Netflix so I checked it out. The first few episodes had a lot of setup which I suppose was too slow for a old Transformers fanboy. :) But I really enjoyed the second half, especially the last episode when freakin’ Omega Supreme pops up and kicks ass. Story and characters seemed fine…sure, there’s some stuff they changed that I could have done without, but nothing too terrible. All told, I’m happy I watched it and will definitely check out the rest once they finish it.

Edit: Oh, and it’s not the original voice cast. But the new ones seemed fine, except for some reason they made Shockwave sound all whiny-science-nerd.

I watched the first episode of this the other day. I was never a huge Transformers kid, born in 86, I mostly just caught the G1 cartoon on reruns and bought a few kinda shoddy mid-period toys that didn’t work very well. But I nonetheless knew deep in my child-soul that Optimus Prime was The Most Good and basically robot Jesus.

I never really picked the series back up; ignored the big Hollywood movies, missed the various animated and CGI reboot series, never played the various games, etc. So I very much am not gonna be able to roll with this thing on nostalgia.

But the first ep was. . . pretty okay?

The robots are hilariously chunky and boxy, though. The animation of them just doing basic shit is goofy as hell. Love it.

I liked it. One of the best Transformers things in recent years.

My only real problem with it was most characters never transformed.

I’ll have to check this out. My life revolved around Transformers when I was a kid. My jaw was on the floor for most of the first live action Transformers movie back when it came out, what, 12 years ago now? (Although in hindsight it really wasn’t that great).

Check out Bumblebee too. It’s also on our Netflix.

Final part is out now.

I hated the second, but Kingdom was great. Looks fantastic in HDR.

Even as a TF fan, I couldn’t make it through the second. So slow and Optimus was so ineffectual.

Can I watch the last part without finishing the second and not feel lost?

Yeah, I think you should be fine.