New news

I updated the front page with news today (Thursday). This is for everyone who gave up on seeing new news and bookmarked the forum.

It’s not that the news is riveting or even interesting, but if I take 2-3 hours to find and post it, I at least want people to know it’s been updated.

It does seem harder to find interesting news these days. For an industry that’s growing, it seems quieter lately. Maybe it’s just the disappearing gaming sites…

I live for Q23 news updates. Doesn’t everyone?

I live for met_k posts.

I live for sarcastic wumpus posts about met_k.

so tru


Stupid me, I actually went back and looked for the new news before I realized that this was a thread from LAST FUCKING JUNE.


Thanks Mark!

I think someone’s doing a Koontz impression.