New Night Court at NBC, with John Larroquette returning

Also that CBS intro may be from 1981, but it is pure 70’s. I especially love the part where they splice the film. Um, why?

Markie Post’s hoots looked a lot better on those two eps of Buck Rogers than they ever did on Night Court.

I saw the pilot for her Electrawoman and Dynagirl show, and WOW did it suck.

That 80s hairstyle, though… yikes

What are you talking about!? 80’s hair is awesome (and shoulder pads too)!

Some new info - Melissa Rauch, who originally was planning to just executive producer the show, will be playing the main character. She will be playing Harry Stone’s daughter and also taking over his judge role.

Court? At Night? What a concept!

I had a huge crush on Markie Post from first The Fall Guy and then Night Court. (Come to think of it, I also had one on the late Paula Kelly both in her single season on Night Court but more so on Santa Bárbara.)

In more recent news, I am cautiously optimistic about Melissa Rauch as the lead, but I am nervous about how they’re going to handle Dan Fielding in 2021. I fear a parade of very-special episodes.

RIP, Mac :(

That’s a bummer. I guess you can’t say 75 is young exactly, but it still feels too early to be gone.

Damn; loved that character and always enjoyed his work.


Its official.

I had completely forgotten about this. Looking forward to it. If Rauch can avoid the high pitched voice.

I still lack the imagination to come up with a way Dan would work in these modern times.

Maybe that’s the hook right there.

Melissa Rauch doesn’t look right without glasses on.

It could be done well, but it’s one hell of a degree of difficulty to walk that tightrope and they could fall off at any time.

I get the sense I’m supposed to know who this is.

You know if someone posts about someone you don’t know, Google is a thing, right?

Melissa Rauch is the blond that played Bernadette from Big Bang Theory (an American comedy show about a group of nerds that featured a live audience and a laugh track). She’s also voiced Harley Quinn (this is a Batman character, from the 90’s TV Cartoon).

Maybe @vinraith is really bad at googling. :)