New Oblivion shots

Edit: If I did violate a forum rule, feel free to delete this thread. I wondered while posting but couldn’t recall reading a specific policy and thought this might slide since it’s hardly poaching from the publisher considering that 99% of Qt3 posters aren’t buyers of this magazine.

Edit 2: Url removed.

I think this site has a policy of not linking to images scaned from a magazine.

er, scans? Thought that was frowned upon?

I heard you are not supposed to link scans here.

Hmm, scans? I’ve recently been repeatedly told the Entity frowns upon them.

Scans’re bad, mmmmkay?

We had a thread recently where we discussed how bad scans are.

I heard somewhere that you’re not suposed to post scans. From magazines.

They aren’t new anyway. I’ve seen that attack shot with the sword 20 times so far.

Some of the small insets were recycled, but the rest were definitely new.

Something about scans from magazines.

joins the party

Magazines scans are not allowed.

My old publisher once actually tried to get me to start scanning in magazine articles for our online bloglication. I tried to explain why that might make people angry – even more angry than when we stole and thumbnailed their images – but he didn’t understand. I did get a free scanner, though.

Yeah, but it was from a French magazine. French! We Americans hate those guys.

Yeah, but we’re supposed to boycott all their stuff. So those scans are still a no go.

Did they finally show a female character or is this still a ghey game? Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

I’m pretty sure one of the very first screenshots released was a closeup of a woman’s face.

edit -

Jah, one lonely woman. Let’s see a warrior in armor!

Eww…those two shots of people… I don’t like the photo faces. :P


Maybe she tagged Unarmored.