New Official BF1942 map


Looks like Midway Island, with the tanks replaced by more planes.

With all the airplanes all over the map, maybe this will spawn coralsea only dedicated servers… which might cut down on the airfield campers and other idiots on regular servers, like 2Fort dedicated servers do for TFC. That would make this the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

This is a great way to celebrate my new computer!

Yea!!! I just built my new computer last night and I just got my cable just 2 minutes ago.

Not only are the tanks replaced by more planes, so are all the boats. Planes are the only way to get around on the map, and the goal is to destroy the immobile enemy aircraft carrier. It seems like it could be neat, but I’m not sure if it will really fit into a regular map cycle. It’s nice of them to do a map for the plane-junkies, though.

So, decided to follow the advice of all the people who said “build a new computer” to get out of debt, huh? ;)

So, decided to follow the advice of all the people who said “build a new computer” to get out of debt, huh? ;)[/quote]

I had my PC components 3 months ago. I just didn’t feel like putting the system together right away. I bought these parts before I was in debt. And my broadband is paid for by my parents. And… I have my debt taken care of, if you needed to know.


I got BF1942 as a Christmas present for my brother. He’ll be a noob, but he is a very responsible sort (in RL and online). Are there any clans or groups I should advise him to join? Or avoid? Any help appreciated.

I remember reading that air-to-air combat was royally screwed up in BF1942-- according to some posters here, in fact. Stuff like being directly behind another plane, unloading buckets of ammunition in it, to no effect. Has this been resolved with the most recent patch?

That seems to happen all the time with me. However, people generally seem to do a good job of tearing me open a few new ones if you catch my drift so I dunno. Perhaps they’re aiming somewhere specific. This map will be good to practice flying with.

You can shoot a plane all day in the wings or tail - you have to hit the engine area. It was that way before the patch and that way now. It just takes a few less shots to the engine now.


And… I have my debt taken care of, if you needed to know.

People from NJ should be careful about the phrase “taken care of.”

And, if things work out like Anti-Bunny hopes, for the rest of us as well. :)

I’m disappointed with it. It seems like a half-arsed bonus. I’m sure they had a few other maps which didn’t make the cut which they could have released. God, it’d be nice if they released a decent editor with the game instead of holding it close to their chests so they can make a few more map-based expansion packs with it.


Mostly unrelated, but there’s also a new official Hegemonia map.


This reminds me of back when Valve released Push for TFC… It was a real one-trick pony map that quickly faded from players’ interest, but it was the first of many maps that Valve created that involved new gametypes other then just standard CTF and slight variants like rock2. They later went on to make Avanti and Epicenter, both very memerable maps which could be considered refined versions of Push.

Also, on coralsea it feels like that it’s much more important to look around for your teammates and make sure they aren’t being tailed. That’s a great feeling.