New/Old hard-boiled mysteries

I don’t see as many of these as I used to. Recommend me good new writers or even old writers with books out of print. I remember Jonathan Valin’s Harry Stoner novels as quite good. I miss Stoner.

I always look forward to these threads, cause I’m always on the lookout for new crime stuff.

My contemporary triumvirate is Ian Rankin’s Rebus series, Lawrence Block’s Scudder series, and Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole series. I’m starting to get into George Pelecanos and James Lee Burke is quite good.

As far as older, foundational stuff goes, well…Chandler, Hammett, of course. Then Cornell Woolrich and Jim Thompson for ultra-bleak noir. Also I have a new thing for Ross McDonald’s Lew Archer series. And I’ll always love Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley.

Here, and here.

Ross Macdonald’s Lew Archer books are fantastic. So are Josephine Tey’s Alan Grant books. The latter are not strictly hardboiled (I don’t think) but they’re still great. I’m especially picky about mystery, and only like a few authors.

My dad is into the Lawrence Block Scudder novels, and also reads a lot of Michael Connelly stuff. His favourite author is definitely Patricia Highsmith, although I’m not sure if you’d call her books hard boiled, or even mysteries. I’ve seen him reading a few Robert B. Parker books recently too, which he’s never shown an interest in before.

I like pop-mystery stuff better, like the James Swain Tony Valentine novels, but I did enjoy the one Dan Simmons Joe Kurtz book I read. Those are definitely hard boiled.

My current favorite crime writers:

James W. Hall
Carl Hiaasen
Lee Child
Robert Crais
Joe R. Lansdale
Jeff Abbott
Tess Gerritsen
Ed McBain
Charles Willeford
Randy Wayne White
John D. MacDonald
Dennis Lehane
Harlan Coben
Richard Stark (Donald Westlake)

If you don’t mind a Scottish (Edinburgh) setting, Ian Rankin’s ‘Rebus’ novels are very good. Rebus is a semi-alcholic unorthodox cop who operates in the side of Edinburgh that tourists don’t normallly see - drug addicts, winos, illegal immigrants etc.