New Orleans - The Gathering

Hilarious stuff.

Who wants to play?

I would have made him a Black card. Or perhaps a two color Black and White.

Did you hit the link? There’s cards of every color.

If anyone didn’t know, that’s Lum’s site.

Thats a good one, especially after that asshat wanted to stop the NWS from putting its data out on the web for “free” because it interfered aka competed with the pay for data weather companies that bought er “lobbied” him off. He seemed to think Americans should pay twice for good weather information. Once via taxes to fund the weather service’s data collection and a second time from the private companies who collect that data.

It’s actually a collaborative effort between Damion “Ubiq” Schubert and myself. Sadly, we spend entirely too much time lately arguing about how these fictional cards should be balanced.

Lum you are a genious. And it’s not time wasted – the cards look decently balanced!

Nice! Using the cover art for the Douglas Adams Infocom game for the bureaucracy card! That game’s a classic!


Well I hope your bandwidth bill is paid off, becuase you have created a genuine internet phenom. I got it through a buddy, and it spread through my office like wildfire.

I cast Giant Growth on Hillary Clinton.

Heh. I get 192 GB a month from Dreamhost. Up until this I figured it’d be impossible to go over that. Now I’m glad that I have an automatic “Sorry, I overran my bandwidth” switch in place if it gets thre.

You made