New Pirate Master Reality Series

May 31, 8PM CBS.

I wouldn’t bet on the women winning in a pirate competition.

Sure Louie looks like a pirate, but will that be enough to win the pirate competition?

Or would an NFL player be a more likely choice?

Should be interesting series.

Looks retarded. Makes me want to punch a network exec.

I am hoping it doesn’t have the serious/silly mixture of the survivor series.

I will watch the 1st couple episodes n see.

Exersize restraint on the punch until episode 3.

Dude, the Nigerian Nightmare (Christian Okoye) is on there. That’s gotta count for something.

Not a single Asian pirate? But Mark Burnett owes that community after Yau-Man was robbed! And why isn’t Rupert involved in this somehow?

I’m judging this entirely from the CBS bio page, but I’m seeing lots of people I want to see lose, but not a single person to root for. Well, maybe the Nigerian Nightmare, now that I know who he is.

What movie is this? :)

It’s a new reality series Pirate Master. Guess the closest analogy would be survivor series which I found amusing. Perhaps I/we/anyone will find some entertainment value from this one??

As mentioned, I will give it 1-2 episodes to see if it floats my ship. :)

See opening posting for time and place.

I think his point was this should have gone in the TV forum, not the movie forum.

My 7-year-old son is looking forward to watching this.

Which should be a perfect indicator of how badly it will suck for those of us who are NOT 7.