New PSP Firmware supports larger res video

Key points:
Video [ul]
[li]Support for thumbnail images of videos that are stored in the “VIDEO” folder of Memory Stick Duo™ media has been added.[/li][li]The following types of files can now be played in the “VIDEO” folder.[/li]– MPEG-4/H.264 AVC Main Profile (AVC CABAC) video files of the following sizes:
720 X 480, 352 X 480, or 480 X 272
* Depending on the data type, some files cannot be played.[/ul]I’ve been digging the whole “Video” folder not needing to use the funky naming scheme the MPROOT files need to have, so I’ve been debating re-ripping movies to SVC anyway. PSPVideo9 has a beta out that supports the higher resolution files.

Do you know if PSPVideo9 has incorporated a newer version of ffmpeg? Because I’ve been having a lot of problems with conversion and audio syncing, and from everything I’ve read it’s a problem with the version of ffmpeg they were using.

I don’t know. The forums are fairly sparse–there’s only a 5 reply thread about the new versions. I’ll try it out over the weekend and let you know.

I use Xvid4PSP. It’s supported the higher resolutions for awhile (with custom firmware) and he updates it all the time.

I use “SUPER” which is free.

I ripped a couple of DVDs over the weekend. The quality difference is amazing. The only downer is the file size is roughly double, so I’ll be getting a 4g stick soon.

How exactly are you ripping the dvds? I can’t get shit to work.

Use DVDFab Decrypter Free to decrypt the DVD files to your hard drive first:

Oh heck looks like they have a freeware version that supports HDDVD and Blu-Ray now.

Interesting program. Looks like it’s almost worth paying for… if it works.

edit: Gah I hate trying to rip dvds. I end up with a bunch of files which aren’t together (or aren’t separate, depending on what I want). How the hell do I make a complete fucking movie out of this shit?

It’s free.
The pay version is for the shrinking/sizing features.

You know I always end up in the same boat.

I’ve tried a few times to rip some of my DVDs and I always end up getting frustrated and feeling retarded because something does not work right.

I use DVD Decrypter to make the VOB file, rename the VOB file to the corect movie name, and then rip it through PSP Video 9.

It’s a lengty process, but I usually rip 3-4 DVDs to source, and then queue up the PSP conversion overnight.

512k seems to the be sweet spot for encoding AVC files in high-res (imo) - minor increase in size for massive quality gain (a single TV episode runs to approx 200mb for me).

Anyway, for those who haven’t been running full res video before now, welcome to the club. I guess Sony don’t see the need to protect the UMD market any longer, hence the “unlock”.

I had left it at default. I’ll rip at 512 and see how the size difference is. Thanks for the tip.

it’s not you. it’s that some dvds split their episodes/chapters into separate files and it can take some time to figure out which file you want to be transcoding.

DVDFab Decrypter? I used that on a tv dvd I have kicking around, and it went from 4 separate VOBs, one per episode, to two vobs, both of different size. And it outputted some other files as well.

No, I use DVD Decrytper. If you Google it, the first few hits are sites that don’t host it anymore, but eventually you will come across it.

DVD Decrypter makes one VOB file, but you need to tell it the source on the DVD. For a feature-length movie it’s pretty easy to spot–it’s the only stream it sees thats two-hours long.

As mentioned above, TV shows can be a royal pain in the ass. I actually gave up because figuring out which order all the episodes I ripped went in was an extra effort I didn’t feel like doing, so I just ended up watching them on my laptop.

DevHook 0.6h was released and now supports 3.30 :)

Also, the PSP core pack price has been dropped to $169.99(US only for now) which comes really handy since i was looking to get a PSP this easter :D

What exactly is devhook?

Since i’m still a n00b to all this PSP thing, i’ll quote wikipedia

Devhook is a homebrew application for the PlayStation Portable created by BOOSTER which enables users to emulate different firmwares on the PSP. The application features the ability to mount ISO and compressed CSO images stored on a PSP memory stick. This allows games to be stored to and played from memory sticks, allowing users to travel with many games for their PSP without having to carry around several bulky UMDs. This has created some controversy, with Sony Computer Entertainment filing a cease and desist order towards the creator.

Some other features of Devhook include the ability to run the PSP at a higher clock speed than the commercially capped 222Mhz, the ability to run games from computer via USB cable, and ability to run homebrew applications on the TA-082 motherboard. Current development seems to have been taken over by Booster who recently released Devhook 0.52.0100 beta allowing emulation of firmware 3.11. Due to minor bugs in the new version, many users are using earlier versions still while eagerly awaiting an update. Also, the beta versions still do not include the highly anticipated USBHost, which allow users to play via a USB cable.