New releases this week

I’m hoping this thread can be updated weekly.

I find it difficult to keep up with all the releases and when they happen, since there’s so many different places that you have to go to check. Aside from the big titles, there’s: Steam releases, GoG, XBL, GFWL, PSN, independents and MMOs.

If you know of something releasing within the upcoming week, please post and let us know!

Also, let’s try to keep this on topic and keep the opinions and complaints to each game’s own respective thread(s).

I’ll start, since I know that Dark Souls just released today.


Right tool for the job.

HUGE update on PSN today. Crysis, Eufloria, Space Channel 5 part 2, Sega Bass Fishing, Chrono Trigger, NBA Jam: On Fire Edtion.

A bunch of PS2 games as well (all at $9.99):

Odin Sphere
Maximo: Ghosts to Glory
God Hand
Ring of Red

Wait, there’s a lede being buried here… Downloadable PS2 games that run on any PS3, regardless of hardware support? I guess they did do the pure-software emulator after all, though for certain titles only, I guess.

I never got to buy God Hand, Grim Grimoire and Odin Sphere for my PS2 so that’s very nice!

Also, isn’t Orcs Must Die out today too ? (for consoles)

I checked Live and didn’t see it. Didn’t check PSN though. I thought Orcs Must Die was supposed to be on XBLA today, but it wasn’t there.

God Hand sounds good to me. Never played it, but I know some around here liked it. As for Maximo, I think Army of Zin is better.

Not bad, but I’ll take my text at QT3, hopefully with lite flavor added (from the early adopters and demo testers) as in the bargain thread.

Edit: Ah, I see that Spect would rather this was untainted. I disagree; I’d rather get an opinion or three to get a bit of that crowdsourced reviewing going. ;)

Andre - Orcs Must Die is out tomorrow with the weekly XBLA release, for 1200 MS points ($15).

Are those PS2 games any good?

Ring of Red follows the story of a hapless console gamer repeatedly trying, and failing, to get his XBox to work.

This sort of proves my point. While an excellent site, GB doesn’t post about GoG, or most indies, as well as a slew of other lesser-known titles that is unworthy of GB’s attention. That’s what Qt3 is really good at, announcing the stuff most major sites don’t.

A valid point, Marcin. I think it goes without saying, and with the Bargain Thread as an example, we can never quell the opinionated masses at Qt3 of their views. I’m just hoping we don’t get into a 3 page debate over what DRM a certain new release is going to use, and would like to keep the thread as a fairly clean place to see what’s available to throw our money at each week.

They didn’t! From what I understand, these games are being ‘emulated’ in the same way Xbox games were on 360… basically being recompiled.

BTW Maximo GTG was a really good game, challenging too. Worth it if you like character action/platform games.

Space Channel 5 AND Godhand? Shit, I still haven’t finished my RE4 replay. It’s almost too much good news.

I remember it actually being a kind of fun plodding WWII mecha game, though I have a feeling it won’t hold up.

Yeah, it can get out of control. I’ll try to do my part to keep things tight.

Ring of Red; I actually picked this up on the basis of OMG mechs! but it was … just weird. There wasn’t really a fight, it was more of an old school JRPG sideways match (like the early Final Fantasies) where each side just plonks away at each other - except in 3D and you were closing in on each other leading to stronger and more accurate hits until one side fell over. It was entertaining for about 15 minutes. Verdict: skip.

I actually liked Ring of Red, but battles could take way too long. I’d like to get it if I could somehow magically save in the middle of a battle.

I am interested in Odin Sphere though. Any recommendations?

Odin Sphere has a beautiful, distinctive art style and good, if difficult, sidescrolling brawler combat, with a solid layer of RPG looting and crafting. It is way too grindy for my tastes however. It also had crippling slowdown on the PS2 (which made some bosses unbeatable for me), which hopefully has been fixed for the PS3 release.