New RIAA anti-MP3 tactic?

A buddy mentioned this and I tried it out. Apparently someone is spoofing results on Kazaa - making false hits (you can tell by seeing a lot of downloadable sources but if you look at who they are, it’s always the same 2 or 3 people) - and of course the old Napster trick of fake songs/static/bad cuts.

I tested this on Kazaa with the Franz Ferdinand single, Take Me Out. Seems to pan out. Anyone else?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is happening. The problem with this sort of thing is it just encourages the P2P apps to get smarter. I can think of a couple technical dodges right off the top of my head, like voting mechanisms where IPs can get locked out if people note bum files, max listings allowed from a single source, etc. If this gets problematic the P2P apps will just get a little smarter to prevent it.

People still use Kazaa? Suckers.

Yeah, I didn’t realize people still used Kazaa really. New stuff I want I grab on bittorrent while it’s hot, random older songs I want I’ll pay my 99 cents for on iTunes, and anything old enough that I can’t find on Bittorrent and good enough that I want a whole CD of, I just go buy the CD. My Kazaa/Napster use was really only ever for that second category, the random songs that you suddenly realize you want but would never care for a whole CD by that artist.

That’s been going on for quite a while. The studios do it too, putting in blank movie files to “poison” P2P for people.

Fewer and fewer people, apparently.

I’m not surprised, given the adware Kazaa forces on you (or tries to). You can’t beat free, unless it’s free and easy.

Not that I would know, but I’ve heard, like some others, that this has been going on for awhile. It’s really big with new releases and very popular singles.

Always figured it was either the record companies or hardcore fans of the band/singer trying to make it so difficult that people would just rather buy the music instead of getting tons of fake loops, fadeouts, and static after 30 seconds.

I think some Kazaa variants block ‘bad’ IP ranges.

I still use Kazaa for things that I can’t find bittorrents of. Kazaa is a great repository for TV episodes, espeically when you’re just missing a few out of a set. I use the Kazaa Lite Resurrection client which has no adware or spyware.