New Rolling Stones Tour

Well The Rolling Stones are kicking off another tour later today at Fenway park. The difference this time is that I’m going (to the Tuesday one). I’m pumped, they may be a little past their prime, but I’m just hoping they sound good.

They also have a new album coming out that doesn’t look half bad.

I have so little interest in them at this point it probably can’t be measured. They haven’t made a meaningful or interesting song since Waiting on a Friend.

I kind of imagine seeing them would be like going to see those heads in jars from Futurama.

But I’m not trying to be a killjoy either. I hope you have a great time!

They’re still alive?

Mick is 62 years old, and Keith will be in December.

Yeah, I’m trying not to get too excited over the new album, but I’m hopeful. I’m more excited just to see them perform the old ones. I only recently got into music, and most of my favorite bands are dead or dying so I’m trying to make it to as many concerts as possible.

I was listening to an NPR show where they interviewed a guy who had traveled to all sorts of places where musicians had died, but was a bit underwhelmed by the experience.

The host suggested he try traveling to all the places that Keith Richards didn’t die.