New router won't connect my wired computer to the internet

Yesterday I bought a Dlink Media Router 2000 to replace a Linksys E3200 router. The E3200 was having problems maintain a solid connection for Netflix or online gaming in different parts of the house, so I was hoping this new router would be an improvement. I’ve been able to establish wireless connections to everything from my Iphone to my Xbox to the Wii, but nothing I do will make it allow my laptop on the internet if I do through an ethernet cable. Wireless is fine on the laptop, as is connecting the modem directly to the laptop, so I don’t think it’s a hardware problem on that end.

I’m wondering if I goofed the install, by not taking the time to uninstall the old router and reboot before switching everything over. Would that cause problems, and if so how would I fix it? The wireless connection is quite good but wired is always best.

Uninstall the old router? I’m not sure what you mean. You should just plug in your laptop - are you using the right port? Sometimes routers have a port labled LAN or WAN which is where you plug the incoming connection into - but if you have your wireless working I’m sure you have that plugged in already from your modem.

So you are plugging your laptop into your router on one of the remaining ports, let’s assume. Have you done an ipconfig? What is your IP? Maybe it’s just stuck on an APIPA address, you just need to do an IPCONFIG /Release and then an IPCONFIG /renew to grab a DHCP IP from the router.

You could also just plug it into your laptop and give your laptop a restart, if you haven’t tried that already. Start there.