New soundcard and speakers

So the monitor is out of the way(2407wfp ftw!), but now I’m looking to update my soundcard and speaker arrangement. I’ve currently got an ancient Audigy 1 card that I’d like to beefen up and a set of cheapo Creative 5.1 speakers that I just keep in a 2.1 arrangement anyway right now.

I’d like to go cheap-ish, ie. ~$100 for each. I’m also perfectly content with a 2.1 arrangement since my home theater is in the living room and I like having my PC space simple and elegant.

I’ve basically boiled the speaker choices down to the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks II(vanity slay me!), and the Logitech Z-2300, both highly reviewed.

I’ve been a Creative Sound Blaster user since like…the beginning of time, so my first choice was the X-fi line, just the simple Xtreme or Xtremegamer card without all the bells and whistles. I’ve also been eyeing the Auzentech stuff though, the optical ports(360!) and upscaling DTS/Dolby intrigues me. I don’t know much though, any input on this stuff is greatly appreciated!

If this is primarily for gaming, the X-Fi XtremeGamer can be found for well under $100. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but gets the job done.

For about $135, there’s the X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty edition. This has the 2MB of XRAM, but not the front panel control bay.

I always say get the cheapest Soundblaster that does the latest API and has the ports you need.