New Space Game from Chris Roberts On The Way!

So y’all know Chris Roberts, right? You know, the guy behind some little games like Wing Commander and Freelancer? Well, after a long break from making video games, he’s back with the semi-announcement of a new space game, which will be fully announced next month on 10/10/12 at GDC. Here’s the blurb of intro text from Roberts himself:


If you’ve made it here, you probably know who I am. Maybe you have heard of Wing Commander and its sequels, or perhaps Strike Commander, Privateer or Freelancer.

If not, you’re still welcome!

I grew up making video games. I sold my first game at the age of 13 and created Wing Commander when I was 21. But 10 years ago, at the height of my career I took a break. Not because I stopped loving or playing games but because I had become frustrated with the limits of the technology at the time to realize my vision.

I decided to pursue my desire to create detailed worlds and tell sophisticated stories in film.

I always said the moment I became interested in making games again was when I was going to come back.

With the power of today’s computers and the reach of the internet I finally feel I have the tools to build the connected experience that I always dreamed of. A world that would be more satisfying and richer than any film I could work on.

With films you tell stories but with games you create worlds.

If you’ve played my games, you’ll know that’s what I love to do.

I’m here to tell you that I have been working on something for just under a year, something that embraces everything that my past games stood for but takes it to the next level.

I hope you’ll be as excited by it as I am.

My new endeavor is still in its early stages but I invite you to take the journey with me.

If you register below you’ll become an insider that will not only give you early access to the game’s website and forums, but you will also get the opportunity for rewards and privileges that no one else will get. It’s my way of showing how important your early involvement and support is.

The full announcement will be at 10am Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5) on the 10th day of the 10th month of this year.

My name is Chris Roberts.

And if you would indulge me I would like to create a world for you.


The site itself is at


I like that this is a real thing and not a Kickstarter.

He took a break because the limits of technology were inhibiting him from realizing his vision? Gotta wonder what the total vision entails. Games were still doing bold stuff ten years ago, and the only big differences for PC gaming between then and now is what, multicore cpus, social media, bigger screens, and the proliferation of high(er) speed internet?

More FMV.

Loved me some Freelancer, look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

It’s funny. I heard about this last week through some industry friends and it brought a big smile to my face. I’m looking forward to his announcement.

Good news. Also, if he’s busy making games he’s not directing movies.


What a weird thing to say. What makes this any more “real” than some Kickstarter proposal?

Yeah, more Mark Hamill!

Have you seen Mark Hamill lately?

Yeah, he looks grizzled, just like a Confed war veteran should. ;)

That would be too awesome alright. I’m ready to see Hamill in anything after his fantastic recent work as the Joker in the Batman: Arkham games.

Here’s to hoping it’s not an MMO. . . here’s to hoping it’s not an MMO.

Honestly, talking about the social connectedness of the internet technologies and whatnot always gets me worried from a game-dev. And I could very easily see him wanting to craft a Freelancer-esque MMORPG or a MMOSCS (space combat simulator) in a Wing Commander-esque universe where progress is tracked and all that. . .

. . . except that we’ve already got EVE, already had Earth & Beyond, and I loathe MMOs :D


Dude, if it’s Privateer or Freelancer Online, I’d be FIIIIIINE with that.

EVE is Excel in space, not really a “sim” by any means.

Mr. Roberts apparently part of new company called “Cloud Imperium.” has unearthed this:

What a weird thing to say. What makes this any more “real” than some Kickstarter proposal?

I agree, since I also fully expect the announcement next month will be attached to a kickstarter supporting it.

Oooh! Excellent news. I can’t wait for the announcement. I’ve been a big fan of those games since the early days. So I’m really interested to see what Chris will pull out of his figurative hat.


F2P Space MMO…

I don’t even mind if it’s F2P honestly. I think Jumpgate might’ve survived a bit longer if they tried that. Sigh. JG was the closest we’ve gotten to a Privateer/Elite online, so I’d love to see something in a similar vein here.