New Space Game from Chris Roberts On The Way!

I really hope it requires a joystick. This poor guy has been sitting in my closet doing nothing except going out calibration for the last 15 years.

My derp, I misunderstood the OP. I thought this was going to be a major studio release. I don’t have anything against Kickstarter, I just thought this game was going to have a massive budget and that made me glad.

Awesome. I would love to see another big(ish) budget Space Sim.


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The Wing Commander movie.

See, you’re already stressing me out, rei :P

Dunno. I may be the odd man out, but I always enjoyed his pre-plotted (and yes, FMV-heavy) efforts to the more free-wheeling stuff that would adapt better to an MMO structure (why let random bad AI create dynamic content when other players could do the same?).

Now, that said, if someone ever manages to craft an MMO that truly and really successfully incorporates space exploration, mining, combat, trade, planetary and interplanetary politics, construction, dynamically moving populations, etc. on a truly massive scale, that would be the kind of experience I’d shell out $15/mo for.

Yeah, so players can own guilds in EVE if I remember correctly, but I want to see a player become governor of a small Earth-compatible world, use loans to build up infrastructure and incentivize mass-scale NPC immigration to the world, and use their growing power and population to contract out other players to handle the growing mining operations, border defense, and intra-system trade in their little pocket of space. . . until a group of several times more players who’ve created a multi-system collective in a similar way roll through and conquer the whole thing, instituting happiness penalties on the populace, drawing a tax from them, and allowing the governor-player to either stay on as a puppet state or face execution/removal from the system :)

How far away is the tech for that?

Edit to add: Essentially, if someone crafts an MMO where players can take on the roles in or controlling virtually every autonomous object in a game of GalCiv (planets, space stations, individual fighter/explorer craft, capital ships, etc.) with virtually unlimited numbers of dynamic NPCs with rudimentary AI and awareness of the changing galactic situation filling out things like planetary populations, physical mining crews, and minor capital ship crew, I’d basically shit myself.

It’s not just the tech that’s far away for that, Armando. ;) As awesome as that sounds, it also sounds years away. :/

Brian, I’ve been imagining impossible-to-create games for ages, but always return to that. I didn’t even get into the fact that I want it to have a strong first or third-person squad-based ground component so that the planets aren’t just “single city with generic production/research/food structures placed in a preset pattern” entities, but rather fully explorable dynamic creations replete with hidden resources, long-lost civilizations and technology, and otherwordly dangers.

But I mean, I’d settle for that in an x-pac.

That said, I’d love to hear exactly what sorts of things would prevent the initial idea from coming together with enough $$$. . . even if perhaps shitting up Chris Roberts’ thread to find out isn’t the most appropriate thing.

oh god i hope not…

I still remember the CGW cover story where Johnny Wilson was incredulous that Origin was dropping FOUR MILLION DOLLARS on the development of Wing Commander III. :)

Just did too. Google placed the confirmation mail in my spam folder. So watch for it there if you don’t see it. I liked the result of signing up. :)


I god I remember that thing. Get something newer, dangit. ;)

See, my dream space game is similar to yours. Privateer in space, Elder Scrolls on planets, how awesome would that be? That being said, that would be a massive undertaking in manhours and money. If it could be made accessible, I could see there being interest, but just creating the base game would be huuuuuuuge.

My flight stick is ready. Although in need of some cleaning.

Same here, but it wouldn’t just be a massive undertaking. It would be virtually impossible without some major procedurally generated content. Especially since what we want isn’t just Privateer in Space and Elder Scrolls/Fallout 3 on one planet, we want Elder Scrolls/Fallout 3 on several planets, maybe even a LOT of planets. And just making one Elder Scrolls/Fallout 3 is close to a 5 year effort by Bethesda.


Possibly, but I’d want bigger methinks.

At this point I really don’t care what model Chris is using, whether F2P or a full priced game. I’m just happy to see his ass back in the dev scene, he made many of my favorites back in the day.

I remember when David Braben was saying he was waiting for technology to improve before he could look at doing Elite 4.

And i get an MMO type vibe from the news from Chris Roberts.

If it is a MMO, I sure hope it doesn’t follow the typical MMO formula. Go kill 8 space rats, collect 12 space junk in orbit, etc… Here is your green laser as a reward. If you get to level 60 you can raid the big space monster for a chance at the big purple space laser.

If it IS an MMO, I’m guessing it’ll follow the formula of the highly desired and canceled Privateer Online, but with elements of Freelancer included.

Then again, this could just be my brain confusing what I want with what I think might happen. ;-)