New Space Rangers 2 questions from a long game

I’m nearing the end of my game finally, but there are a few things I’ve never figured out. The other thread is insanely long, so I’m hoping to get some fresh eyes in here.

  • Multi-Resonator. How does this weapon work? It says it inflects AoE damage, but it doesn’t make a ring around me like the Dominator AoE’s. Does it inflict damage on friendlies too?

  • Atomic Vision. "Creates a destructive field near the target". What does that mean? It has an AoE effect? Or is it just a neat weapon effect?

  • How are my enemies shooting down my missiles? They can shoot down every single one I launch, yet I can’t seem to find something to do the same.

  • I’ve found the “cent” micro-module to be the best module available. reduce cost and size of an item. What is surprising is I got a few early on, and can’t find them at any ranger station anymore. Any other ways I can grab that module?

  • Waiting with other ships to strike a launch on a Dominator held territory… I found several Rangers attacking each other while waiting. Half the attack force was wiped out by the bickering. I’m guessing the Pelengs and Faeyans were at war and that’s why the fight broke out? Is there any way to find out what races are at war with each other?

You can manually target your weapons to missiles. Not too hard. Usually a waste of time.

The cent module is good, but there are lots better ones to put on, say, your hull or your engine.

No idea on the weapons, I hated the AE weapons and didn’t use them.

Both weapons are area-of-effect, but you’re not the central point of either.

Think of the Multi-Resonator as the SR2 version of Chain Lightning. The initial fragment blast hits your target and then several “gravitation mines” home in on any nearby enemy ships and hit at a reduced damage rate.

Atomic Vision creates a ring like the Vertix, except the ring is formed around your target instead of you. Any enemy ships close enough to your target to be caught in the field (which is smaller and dissipates faster than the Vertix ring) also take damage.

If only a few missles are on your tail, you can click on each just like you’d click on a ship and assign separate weapons to take them out. However, as the game goes on, the missles become sturdier and won’t be taken out with only one hit from one weapon. Once you’re facing a barrage of missles, say, from the Dominator’s Torpedo Apparatus, then it’s a much better strategy to run.

I believe micromodule distribution is random, so there’s no easy way to find particular ones. Fortunately, as Backov says, you should find better ones than Cent as you go on (assuming you have the right equipment from the right race).

Not sure. There are set racial hatreds at the beginning of the game, but I found these lessened as they all pulled together to fight the Dominators in the late game. I’d just keep an eye on the news.

The shot jumps from the target to nearby enemies and hits them too. I absolutely loved multl resonators and my final ship mounted four of them. Great for gunfights where you are outnumbered by dominators (which is most of them).

Shooting down enemy missiles is a waste of firepower. Just crank up your defenses and droid to the point where you can absorb the punishment and return fire.

Races don’t go to war with each other, but individual rangers can get bad reputations and be chased by other races when they show up. I suspect that musth ave been what you seen. It happened to me once, I was wanted by the Peleng and I went to rondesvous with a group massing to attack a dominator system. The Peleng battleships in the fleet opened fire on me.

Thanks! :D That finally all makes sense. I eneded up with 4 Turbogravor’s at the end, but upkeep on them was insane - as was their purcahse price ~150,000.