New Speaker for a PC

How obscured are they (eg are they tall enough to partially stick out above/beside the monitor, etc), and do you feel like it muffles the sound in any meaningful way?

It’s something I’ve wondered about, as it would mean the least impact to my setup (ie no need to move monitor positions, or find additional desk space since my L-shaped desk is plenty ‘deep’), while also opening up options on the speaker front ie no longer constrained to low profiles or soundbars. For instance the Edifier 1280DBs are reasonably priced and apparently very good bang for the buck.

Interesting, that’s something that I hadn’t even considered. I probably should have mentioned that I share my small home office with my son when he gets home from school, so my use cases are:

  • Home alone
  • Home with my son on his PC
  • Home with family in the house but not in the same room

The open-backed headphones would be suitable for the third scenario in that I could still be aware of those around me (nothing like glancing up from a game to see my wife staring at me from the doorway and wondering if she’d just asked me something important!), but not for the second or first (the latter I’d rather just have speakers for comfort).

The bottom half of the speakers are below the monitor height, and the portions that are behind the monitor are a good six inches behind it. So I don’t notice the placement muffling the sound at all.

Not ideal placement, but your brain is very good at tricking you into thinking the sound is still coming from front and center. That’s a set of Kanto YU4 passives I picked up around Black Friday along with an Aiyima A07 amp and Aiyima DAC. Saving space was the name of the game as you can see there isn’t a ton of room for them. The stands I picked up last night (Kanto S4) fit perfectly underneath and tilt the speakers upwards to fire them towards ear level.

I was going to buy those Kanto’s before I found something local on facebook marketplace. Good looking speakers and nice bang for your buck.

Ha yeah, if I’d have found the deal you did I’d be rocking A130s too!

This is very helpful to know as it’s similar to what I’d end up with (my multi-monitor setup is asymmetric like yours).

After much deliberation and online research, I finally pulled the trigger on the Creative Pebble Plus 2.1s. My logic boiled down as follows:

  • Couldn’t find any online reviews/posts referencing audio latency/delay (the sole reason for wanting a new system in the first place)
  • Small enough to fit in front of my monitors ie zero impact on my desk layout (which meant it won out over, say, the Edifier 128DBs)
  • Reasonably priced (in case I ended up not liking it and didn’t want to go through the hassle of trying to return it)
  • In-stock (as opposed to the Katana soundbar mentioned upthread which was out of stock country-wide)

The courier delivered it this morning, I hooked it up, and immediately went to an audio delay youtube video for a ‘scientific’ test. Perfect, or close enough to it that I won’t notice. :)

However, the included subwoofer is tiny. Even compared to the one that came with the Philips soundbar which I previously had connected to my PC. While I could certainly tell the difference with it on vs off, it was…subtle.

I suspect I could have lived with it (and it probably didn’t help that the swap over only took a couple of minutes so my ears immediately compared it to what I’d just been listening to), but it occurred to me that I still had a Paradigm 10" sub from my old home theatre system sitting in storage. I dug it out, and happily discovered it had an RCA input connection, which is what the Creative system was outputting. Plugged it all in and suddenly I had booming (almost overpowering!) bass thundering from my desk.

So a good outcome as far as I’m concerned for minimal outlay. The Philips soundbar will likely be relocated to the kid’s living room TV since I assume it’ll have options to cater for the audio delay.

My wife just got a 24” iMac. Sucky speakers, predictably. Any suggestions for a small 2.0 soundbar no more than 12” wide (can’t be very tall either). Smaller is better.

Ok looking for thoughts.

I am still using my Logitech Z-5400 ancient I know but it works really well except it now doesn’t again.

The cxentre speaker is not working well at all in 5.1. I am using an X4 for sound output and it’s great. The front and back left and right speakers are great however the centre speaker is not working well.

The sound is very quiet and muffled. Things I have tried, swapping another speaker in from both the left and right, the centre speaker works fine on the left or right but the left or right now does not work so it’s not the speaker. I have changed the speaker wire for brand new better quality and that makes no difference either.

I have also tried different set ups with the console and pc but nothing works.

Anyone have any other suggestions what could be causing the issue.

Fixed it, one of the pins that teh centre console plugs in to was bent to the side, straightening that out has fixed it.

Hey y’all, a lot of great speaker recommendations in here. My Creative Labs speakers are dying (it randomly goes in and out when I change the volume) so I need a new set.

I’m waffling back and forth between getting an older set of speakers (like old Rolands or Cambridge Soundworks) because I have old Roland MIDI units and I do play a lot of older games, but I’m also looking at some newer speakers as well, such as some from Logitech and Creative.

Basically I play a ton of games, but I also listen to a ton of music, mostly gaming soundtracks.

So with that said, I’d love some other recommendations to look into. Thanks for your time. :)

Came here to recommend you Creative Soundblaster Katana X but am not sure of stock availability. It’s a great soundbar which sits nicely under the monitor with a powered big subwoofer for under the desk.

My standard recommendation is to skip anything that’s marketed as PC speakers (i.e. Logitech or Creative Labs). You’ll get massively richer and more accurate sound from a pair of full-size bookshelf speakers made by a dedicated speaker company than any set of dinky satellite speakers. I have the ELAC B6, which I’ve been really happy with, but is no longer available.

You can get a set of “powered” speakers that include the amplifier for simplicity. Edifier has a good reputation in that space. But personally my recommendation would be to go with “passive” bookshelf speakers and a standalone desktop amp along these lines:

Going with separate components means that you have flexibility in the future and don’t have to throw out a whole set if the electronics start to fail like you are now.

Do you have an approximate budget?

Oh I’ve never even considered a sound bar. Interesting. Thank you!

This is the way. Depending on your budget you may want to stick with powered over passive else the DAC + amp will eat up what you’re willing to spend.

I was thinking around $200ish? Is that too little?

I think the Creative Katana X Soundbar is around $300. But, you could always get the previous generation at $200 (which was what I did)

The 150w is $199 on Amazon. Is this not the right one?

Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar - Hardware Processing, Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoding, Bluetooth-Enabled, for PC, Mac, PS4, and Other Consoles

Fascinating idea, I’d have no idea where to begin in this regard so I’m open to suggestions.

As @LockerK mentioned, at that price range I’d probably look at a powered pair rather than going the separates route, unless you manage to snag a nice black friday deal or something on a good pair of passives.

Maybe something like this would work?