New Spyro Game

I got a recommendation from Amazon for the new Spyro game (on the Gamecube). I really liked the original PSX Spyro and its sequel. But I never played the PS2 version because I heard bad things about it. Anyone have any idea if the new Spyro will be good again? I’m in the mood for some solid platforming. Of course, I still don’t have Kirby’s Air Ride, which Bob recommends.

Oh, and which platforms is the new Spyro going to be on?

The three real PSOne Spyro games done by Insomniac were pure awesomeness. Since then? Straight downhill.

The previews I read about the new Spyro game were that it was all combat focused now, instead of the platforming and exploration that made the first ones so good.

My daughter still loves the first two (PS1) games, but I’m going to wait for the reviews on this one.

Well, yeah, we have to wait for reviews, but it’s coming out soon (about a month). No one even has a preview copy yet?

maybe I put it here. I got the Spyro remastered trilogy for the Switch and the PS4 (for my daughter). They are done by Toys fo Bob, the Skylanders dev, and it shows. It really feels like a Skylanders game without the toys. There is something soothing about this game (I am in the 1st one). Just search and collect treasure… anyone else playing it?

the only issue I have, and that’s personal, getting 100% in a world can sometimes be really tough, some treasures are really hard to reach or find. It is an OCD game… love it.

I noted, that I got it in my recent humble monthly … well, now I really can play it everywhere

There’s a game???