New Star Trek Game

Star Trek: Legacy
For: the PC and Xbox 360
Developer: Mad Doc Studios
Publisher: Bethesda
Genre: action/strategy up to 8-players via x-box live or pc iinternet .
Release date: September 2006.
Setting: all shows with a single player campaign. The campaign is split into 3 time periods ent, tos, tng incluging ds9 and voyager and based on the next generation show “congagion”. You start with the Nx-01 then add up to 3 of 4 ships to you fleet. Earning command points that you can use to upgrade, or purchase new ships.

Will be showing in next Game Informer

Outlook: Not so good.

When was a Star Trek game not good?

I am all for a Star Trek game, I hope the make a good one.

The list of good ones (Starfleet Command series, Klingon Academy, maybe Bridge Commander and the TNG graphic adventure) is far longer than the list of bad ones (um, all the rest).

The FPS set in Voyager was a good game, but Star Trek is kinda the antithesis of a good milieu for a shooter.

Funny you mention Klingon Academy, I’m replaying it right now. Probably one of the best ST games ever, IMO. This new one might be good, so I’m excited. :)

Elite Force was good. Elite Force 2, I guess was alright too.

edit: uh, how did I not read the bottom of your post the first time around? Dammit.

edit 2: Klingon Academy looks awesome, how did I miss this game? When was it released?

Weren’t the two original series adventure games considered pretty good at the time?

They still are.

Yup, some fine adventure games those are. :)

IT was released in 2000. Very realistic (in sci-fi sim terms) space sim with good acting (Christopher Plummer and David Warner both reprise their roles as Chang and Gorkon respectively) and a good story. The real star is the detail, you can have full control over your starship, and it really sucks you in. It’s worth picking up for the manual alone. :)

I still have KA on the shelf here. Are there any 3rd party mods out there that add some cool stuff to it?

There sure are, my friend, over at the Klingon forums. I’ve not tried 'em yet myself, but they do seem pretty active, as they always have something new to post about when I get around to updating A Talent for War.

The only “bad” star trek games are generally the couple that Interplay put out before they imploded and Klingon Honor Guard. (I actually think KHG was pretty good but I’m Biased being I’m a trekkie and that I beta tested the game)

The 25th anniversary adventure title was the only really excellent star trek game ever made. Some of the rest were OK, I played quite a few, but none were special. Bridge commander was a neat concept, but it never grabbed me.

I haven’t played klingon academy. Desslock panned it, and his dungeon siege2 review aside, that’s good enough for me.

No, no, no, it’s “Captain’s Log: Supplemental” ;)

Right, 'cause we all know it’s easy to play a game or not based on one guy’s opinion. ;)

I actually -liked- the Trek Raider game “The Fallen”. Neat mix of platforming, shooting, gadgetry, and segmented storytelling.

I’ve enjoyed most. The 25th Aniversary Adventures, Star Fleet Command I and II (hated III), and the ST: Next Gen adventure game that had the voices of all the main cast…and I cannot remember its name.

Some might say Birth of the Federation was only so-so, but it was certainly better than Star Wars “Rebellion” that was released around the same time.

Was it A Final Unity?

You guys have got to give more credit to Bridge Commander. It’s still the only game to do capital-ship combat decently, and it managed to do it pretty damn “realistically” and true to ST, while still being good fun.