New Strategy Titles this out or coming this month

Lost Empire: Immortals: 4x space opera turn based strategy game with customized ship creation and leaders that gain XP. Sounds very promising except no tacitcal combat. Its out and I’m ordering, just curious if anyone else is playing it

Field Ops: Later this month a RTS and FPS, with leveling and abilities that carry over from mission to misison. I’m intrigued. anyone got a early look at this?

I believe Field Ops has been pushed off to late April. At least, is showing April 20. (Whether that’ll hold or not, I don’t know, as it’s been similarly pushed several times already.)


Yeah, Field Ops looks sweet. Like a remake of Battlezone set in present day.

I am interested in Lost Empire, but I just can’t get into the TBS without tactical battles anymore (Civ being an exception). I gave up on GalCiv primarily for that reason. Let us know how it turns out.

There’s a demo out for Lost Empires: Immortals. It’s at all the usual places, the link is to the gameupdates torrent.

Whoa, this is the first I’ve heard of Field Ops. Here’s a GameSpot hands-on preview I found - hands-on “as the game nears completion”, dateline March 2007. ;)

It sounds extremely cool, though. Like a Derek Smart game, except more realistic in scope.

Here’s a review of Lost Empires from Out of Eight. He gives it a 6/8 (“buy it if you like the genre”).

Edit: oops, as others pointed out, this was actually a review of some older version of the game. I got confused because I only read it recently…

That review is almost a year old. Is it for LE: Immortals?

No, that would be the original Lost Empire, which I believe was available only via download.


Edit: I’ve seen it on Gamer’s Gate at $20.

Tried the demo. It has tactical combat, but not under your control. You set up orders etc. and it’s resolved a la Dominions (but realtime.)

It felt pretty buggy and in need of additional tweaking, though. I was almost tempted to pick buy it due to the promise of big space fleets blowing each other up, but I think I’ll wait until it has been patched some first.