New system random reboot

So I’ve built myself a new rig, and it seems to be working quite nicely… except for these seemingly random reboots I’m experiencing.

It’s not heat related, since ASUS PC Probe hasn’t reported a temp higher than 47 C.

Could it be an OS thing? Sometimes, when it reboots and Chkdsk kicks in, it actually finds errors (a first in my lifetime!).

Any suggestions, fellas? I’m particularly curious if anyone has tips on optimum BIOS settings… I haven’t changed anything.

CPU: Athlon 2800+ OEM
RAM: 512 MB PC3200
P/S: Thermaltake 420W

FSB set to


Realize that it could be more than CPU heat – I was having crashes because heat roasted my video card. Just to check if its heat, open the case and put a house fan on the PC.

Also: what kind of power supply are you using?

Apparently a lot of errors on this motherboard come from the poor quality battery used for the CMOS. It is supposedly well worth replacing with a Duracell energizer.

I only know this because I’m building a new PC this week and settled on the A7N8X Deluxe and so have done a lot of research on various forums.

To see if it’s a Windows error (I’m assuming you’re running WinXP).

Right click My Computer and select Properties.

Go to the Advanced tab.

Click the Settings button under Startup and Recovery.

Under System failure, uncheck Automatically restart.

Now instead of rebooting, you’ll get a blue screen with an error code on it.
It will look something like 0000000x8. Go to here: and enter your error code into the search box. You should get a list of articles that will give you an idea of what’s causing the reboots.

Well I was getting the same thing on my system, is your hard drive clicking? My new 160g sata maxtor died in a couple of days, and had similar symptoms (ie: crashes, chkdsk finding errors on reboot, etc). My error was something like “inpage error” or something on bluescreen. It sucks when your new system is fucking up, but then it sometimes isn’t satisfying if everything goes too smoothly.

I’ve had this occur because of problems with RAM on several occasions. Often moving the RAM to different slots will fix it.

Well, I guess it’s best to have this issues before the drive is all loaded up with stuff, rather than two weeks from now after I’ve installed all my games and music and more.

I reformated and reinstalled Windows last night. Then found I somehow contracted Worm.Nachi. Must’ve been pushed on me somewhere before getting my broadband up and getting ZoneAlarm and AVG installed.

Anyways, I was up past 3:00 a.m. last night reinstalling all the drivers and utility software and running various virus removal tools. I’ll let the box run non-stop for the next 36-48 hours and see if anything happens.

Bleeding Edge, great tip, that one. In any event, it will prevent the reboot loop! Thanks!

You can get the same information on previous errors by running event viewer, from system tools, and clicking on ‘System’, which should list all errors along with information messages. If you click on the error it will give details and a link that you can use to search Microsoft’s web site for any articles with details of that error.