New to DS, recommend cheap games

Looking for advice on buying decent DS games at closeout or used prices. Gamefly has a pretty good selection.

Thinking I might try to get that warioware touched game at Sears, I hear I can get that for $13

Also thinking of getting Madden 2005 and Tiger if under $20.


Touched is okay… For the price of 2 of them you could have Mario Kart from Gamefly, which is better than 2x better.

I bought the Kart DS bundle, but thanks for the input!

Not gonna find much good stuff for that price just yet unless you go used, I think. Its barely a year old and only really hit its stride with Kirby, IMHO, but feel free to share and good deals you find.

I just got mine from target for $99 thanks to the wonders of internet misprints and inkjet printers.

I know you’re nafter discount games, but at $33.00, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows is phenomenal. it’s every bit as good as Symphony of the Night, if not better! Skip the dogs and crappy cheapo games and go right to this one.

If the DS turns out to be anything like the GBA, the good games don’t go on discount, they simply disappear. It’s nearly impossible to find a new (or even used) copy of Advance Wars or Fire Emblem in a store. Except for the huge sellers (Mario Kart, Pokemon), Nintendo seems to stop manufacturing the titles after a certain (usually early) date and let the rest of their product sell at full price. I believe there was a “greatest hits” line for the old GB where games would sell for $20 instead of $30, but I believe it’s been over 5 years since they did that.

In short, waiting for games to go on discount on Nintendo handhelds can be risky. I’d recommending buying games you know you’ll like early before you have to pay a premium on ebay.

And my recommendations: (or course)

Advance Wars: Dual Strike (100+ hours of gameplay)
Animal Crossing DS
Kirby: Canvas Curse
Nintendogs (probably won’t last long, but nothing else like it)
Meteos (nice puzzle game, cool multiplayer)
Mario Kart DS (which you already have)


Sprung is worth the $5 you’ll pay for it.

DeathMonkey has it right. It’s worth buying DS games at full price because like GBA games, once they’re gone, they’re gone unless you buy them used. Thankfully the DS hardshell cases will mean that used DS games should be around and be nicely encased for years to come, unlike the loose carts you have to buy for most GBA used titles.

Still, I usually will spring for full price DS or GBA games because a) they’re cheaper than console games and b) I tend to play all the way through them more often than console games.


Anyone have hints on finding a copy of the metroid demo? I will have to check ebay, but none of the local used game sellers had it.


I can mail you mine. Just PM me your address and I’ll send it your way.


Only if you like navigating conversation trees over & over to get the right result. Great atmosphere, too many re-tries for my taste. Would have been better if there was a way to rehabilitate a conversation that’s going bad. The killer for me was when I had to memorize the specific order of excuses to make to get out of a bad blind date.

Still, I’d love to see the old Sierra or Lucas Arts adventure games ported to the DS.

It’s worth buying DS games at full price because like GBA games, once they’re gone, they’re gone unless you buy them used.

I agree 100% on this. I also hate that its the case because trying to go back and find some of these games can be a fools errand. GL though and I highly highly reccomend AC and M&L both of which are worth full price.

FYI, Target is no longer honoring the $99/DS Advertisement.

Please buy Phoenix Wright if you like adventure games at all. It’s really, really excellent, and it deserves sequels.

M&L is ok but it’s not nearly as good as the GBA one. It’s just more of the same but not as good. If they had added some new stuff (the babies don’t count, since the babies and the adults together have the same abilities as the bros in the first game) or kept up or improved the quality of the first game, it would’ve been fine. But they did neither.

Good luck finding it. This got stocked lower than Disgaea for PS2 did in its first print run.


Good luck finding it. This got stocked lower than Disgaea for PS2 did in its first print run.


GameFly has it to rent, and if you’re a member, you can keep it for $24. GF doesn’t have it for sale to the public at large, though.

The sequels already exist though :)

Gyakuten Saiban (the Japanese name for the series) is really popular in Japan and GS4 has already been announced for the Nintendo DS and will be released sometime in '06.

The only problem I see is that GS 2 and 3 are GBA games and if they did a start jump from GS1 Remake - GS4 a lot of people will get taken back by the sudden changes in cast…although they usually do a decent job of rehashing the previous games it in the first case.

Do they send the box and manual too?


Okay, that cuts it, I’m buying it. There are several copies at my local Fry’s and it’s only $30.

Yes, and the box and manual are never used for the rental, so they are like new. Gfly is GREAT for used shit.