New to Strategy Games

These games are definitely on my list, specifically EU 4 and Crusader Kings 2 (Which I picked up in the Steam sale). Less likely to get into Hearts of Iron simply because of the WWII setting (not that I hate the setting, but the game always comes off as one where you need to love the history to really get into it, but I could be wrong about that).

Thanks for helping me remember the title. I actually loved that game. Looks like its time to go digging for my old CDs if I can still find them. I suddenly developed a craving for old school RTS.

Oh man, I completely forgot about General Chaos! You’ve managed to unearth a long-lost memory: I remember a childhood friend of mine had it, and anytime I went over there all we’d do is play it…good times.

I’ll throw Sacrifice in for consideration, the mentioning of which should summon Tom…

Battle realms is on GOG, too, if you can’t find your CDs.

EDIT: Heh, Sacrifice -> Brutal Legend. Awesome games.

You should also check out the “Men of War” titles for your WW2 RTS FIX.

A bit like Company of Heroes but you have oh-so-much more control, not to mention the Engine being letting you do things like this:

Or Sacrifice -> Giants: Citizen Kabuto --> Brutal Legend. Giants leans more to the action side, but it’s awesome nonetheless. Lots of silly British humour as well.

My god, that’s glorious.

I remember getting this and being utterly fucking perplexed as to how to “work it” after 4 straight years of Total Annihilation, Age of Empires 2, and Starcraft (seriously; I doubt I played anything else between 98 and 02, lol). It probably deserves to be revisited at some point, though.

Can’t believe you guys fucking left off KKND. Krush, Kill, ‘N’ Destroy is basically the 9th Symphony of RTS design.

Funny story, I went to the store to pick up Dark Reign, but ended up buying Dark Colony instead. I didn’t see what all the hype was about. It was an okay RTS…then I clued in.

Battle Realms was actually pretty great. I remember some pretty epic MP games in that one (not Total Annihilation Big Bertha-esque epic games, but still some great games).

Would games like Uprising and Battlezone be considered RTS games? I kinda always have, but I might be alone in that.

Lotus Clan 4 lyfe.

Which one we talkin’ here? Shostakovich? Dvorak? Mahler? Fine symphonies all.

If Sacrifice is an RTS then so is Battlezone.

Also, to be clear, feel free to open up the discussion to non-real time strategy games. I was just using it as an example, since that is where most of my limited experience lies.

All righty then!

Railroad Tycoon -> RRT3. There have been other stabs at this genre (i.e. Transport Tycoon, Cities in Motion) but I don’t think any of them have really come close to the mainline games. RRT2 is largely a graphic update of RRT1, RRT3 has some very significant economic differences from the earlier games. Among other things, supply and demand plays a much more significant role. It wasn’t nearly as popular as RRT2 though.

Empire -> Civilization -> Master of Magic -> Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri -> Civ 4. Civ 2 again was popular, but arguably pretty much the same game as Civ 1.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane is a notable branch off the Civ / MoM tree. Most other knock-offs (e.g. Call to Power) were pretty bad.

Master of Orion -> Master of Orion 2. MoO 2 was a much different game from the first, and heavily influenced by Civilization. The less said about Master of Orion 3, the better.

XCom: UFO Defense -> Silent Storm -> XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Pretty much the squad tactics games.

Definitely Civilization IV and maybe also Civ V

The fuck? You need some Jagged Alliance in there, bro.

Any insult toward Transport Tycoon is an insult directly at me, sir! :Whips you with a glove:

No, but really, that little game is amazing, and everyone should play it. No one part’s quite as deep as the trains are in RRT (unsurprisingly), but the breadth of its simulation was a ton of fun to monkey around in.

I’ll also fanboy for a second and say that your list has a distinct lack of Stardock in it. Galactic Civilizations II (with expansions) is probably the best scifi TBS in the last decade or so, and while Elemental/Fallen Enchantress/Legendary Heroes started out EXTREMELY rough, the final game is pretty decent as far as fantasy TBSs go!

It’s also worth noting that the Heroes of Might and Magic games are pretty fucking great; HOMM3 + Shadow whatever is particularly amazing (so amazing that I remembered the name of its xpac ;) )

Dominions -> Dominions 2 -> Dominions 3 -> Dominions 4. That is all. :)

Did you forget Sword of the Stars motherfucker? ;)