New to the CH Fighterstick

Recently picked up this joystick after finally making some headway in a real flight sim (falcon 4 allied force).

Okay, so I think I know how to program the thing, but nothing seems to stick. First of all, in the Control manager, the calibrate button doesn’t do anything. Then I was trying to program the hat switches on top of the stick to do certain key commands, and it doesn’t register after I save the map and download it. Going to the key check and trying it shows nothing. Of course in Falcon 4, none of my modifications seem to work either.

Is there a site out there for CH help? is there a tutorial somewhere (looked at the powerpoint presentation on the CH site and followed it to learn the basics that didn’t work)? I like the stick but I wish I could get the hang of programming it.

pdf guide to using Control Manager its also a good forum for getting help.

Thanks, I appreciate the link, good to know there is a forum out there. That’s the PDF I looked at when I tried to program the stick. Maybe I did something weird then. Thanks again.