New Torment?


I wonder how this would work without Wizards involvment though. Its really far too early for anything more then “I have a dream” though.

Working without Wizards would be easy enough…sequel could be called “Torment: Something or Other” without the name or likeness of Planescape campaign setting, and would act as a “spiritual successor,” just as Bioshock was to System Shock 2.

Don’t know Mr. McComb’s work well enough to comment.

Will be keeping tabs on this one and will likely contribute to the inevitable Kickstarter fund unless project absolutely reeks of pending disaster.

Well, one of the most important figures responsible for PS:T, Guido Henkel, just had his KS fail miserably…


Thank heavens we’ve got Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform for spiritual successors to Planescape: Torment.

What’s this, the third of them?

I’m a bit grouchy because no-one’s got the rights to the Planescape setting, and that was a massive part of Torment’s success. I think it’s a bit cheeky to use the phrase “spiritual successor” when you can’t use any of the original, very distinctive, IP.

That said, Colin McComb is one of the key people behind the Planescape setting in the first place. I’d love to see what he could do given free rein to build a new world.

Ah Planescape Torment, still my favorite game of all time. And I’ve played a few…

I suspect most players and fans of PS:T had no prior knowledge of the Planescape setting prior, and paid no attention to it after either.

He worked with TSR and was one of the primary designers of Planescape along with Monte Cook, then later was a writer on PS:T where he was the PS “guru” - pretty good qualifications for doing a spiritual successor, I think.

Yes me

Since it’s all about planar travel, the characters can just arrive in a plane with no mention of Sigil being their point of origin or any other copyrighted stuff.

Wonder if the nwn2 modders for purgatorio will get a cease and desist after working on it for 6 years.

There are/were actual NWN2 modders? I seem to recall the toolset was so cumbersome that by the time I stopped playing it there were only romances (for existing character in the OC) and UI mods, with I think a couple of planescape inspired modules creating listings on the database sites before vanishing never to see any release.

The idea of a new Torment-esque game is tantalizing, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for any actual substance.