New Trans-Gender Barbie

Because it explores sexuality. Straight guys might only be straight because they prefer young women to young men, not that they wouldn’t have sex with young men if young women were not available.

Sexuality, as seen as a series of preferences, needs to be explored with respect to what those preferences are. And then the question of, if indeed you would prefer to have sex with an old woman over a young man, why?

Its a simple kind of stupid to call people Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transsexual, etc. The truth, I suspect, is far more nuanced. So lets get at it.

Take a look at the military. They seem a bit paranoid with respect to homosexuality. However, the lack of access (under some circumstances) to women puts pressure on these men to have sexual relations with each other… their paranoia is a defense against themselves… against giving in.

Yep. That’s my point, that for most males (and females vice versa) there is a position at which his sexual preference moves from women to men.

Maybe we should start rating ourselves by our woman transition age. I’ll say I’m a 60. A hot 60-year-old woman, ok, but a typical 60-year-old woman, and I’d rather fuck a young dapper lad.

Granny, dearie… GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Yes, Brian. The technical term for that is “being gay.”

The backup strategy, instead of the digusting sexual dichotomy, is the backup plan for men everywhere when faced with such certain sexual doom.

It involes chiken strangulation.

i dont think these barbies are a good idea they just encourage kids and say that its okay to think your a woman when your really not etc

if adults wanna buy them thats fine but theyre sold to kids and thats not cool

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oh yeah well mister rogers goes to the land of make believe and says its ok and so does my mom so fuck you

It is kinda lame that someone would try to sell a gay kid a Ken doll in a dress. Gay kids don’t want to be Ken in a dress, they want to be Barbie. Dermot states things plainly, but correctly. If I was a gay 8 year old, I’d be pissed as hell that my pretty new doll had linebacker shoulders and clownshoe pumps.

Toys today are made to take all the imagination out of play time. Also, Dermot is a homophobe that is cruel to animals and watches Bladerunner all the time. We are missing playing with fire, bedwetting and a working knowledge of his locale’s mid-sized navigable waterways. Does the Green River Killer have internet access?

umm yeah except 8 year olds dont have sexual thoughts period nevermind homosexual thoughts

if you were a gay 8 year old i can only assume you were molested as a child because thinking about getting another man’s dick in your ass/mouth at that age isn’t normal at all

also marketing a doll that is based on a psychological disorder is pretty stupid. this is just as retarded as a bi-polar barbie or a manic depressive ken would be.

Guys, stop trying to compete with Koontz. You are out of your league.

I find it amusing that you think there’s a difference.

if you were a gay 8 year old i can only assume you were molested as a child because thinking about getting another man’s dick in your ass/mouth at that age isn’t normal at all

Have you ever seen kids play house?

Note to dermot. Try to keep straight which account you use for conservative ranting and which account you use for liberal ranting. Switching back and forth just confuses people.

it wasn’t liberal ranting it was a joke.

it’s sad that you guys are so desperate to be seen as progressive and tolerant that you will endorse a barbie with a psychological disorder as a great toy for kids - This website is for sale! - mhsanctuary Resources and Information.


Associated Features and Disorders
Associated descriptive features and mental disorders. [/b]

Many individuals with Gender Identity Disorder become socially isolated. Isolation and ostracism contribute to low self esteem and may lead to school aversion or dropping out of school. Peer ostracism and teasing are especially common sequelae for boys with the disorder. Boys with Gender Identity Disorder often show marked feminine mannerisms and speech patterns.

The disturbance can be so pervasive that the mental lives of some individuals revolve only around those activities that lessen gender distress. they are often preoccupied with appearance, especially early in the transition to living in the opposite sex role. Relationships with one or both parents also may be seriously impaired. Some males with Gender Identity Disorder resort to self-treatment with hormones and may very rarely perform their own castration or penectomy. especially in urban centers, some males with the disorder may engage in prostitution, which places them at a high risk for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Suicide attempts and Substance-Related Disorders are commonly associated.

Children with Gender Identity Disorder may manifest coexisting Separation Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and symptoms of depression. Adolescents are particularly at risk for depression and suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. In adults, anxiety and depressive symptoms may be present. Some adult males have a history of Transvestic Fetishism as well as other paraphilias. Associated Personality Disorders are more common among males than among females being evaluated at adult gender clinics.

Wow! Awesome! The perfect toy for an 8 year old! Everyone who disagrees is a homophobe! You’re all idiots!

In a society that didn’t revolve around a completely fucked up construction of gender roles, gender dysphoria would be no big. People would follow their inner compass and that would be that. But because of all the fucking tools like dermot, it’s not just a hazardous lifelong nightmare, it’s also THEIR FAULT. And the fault of anyone who “made them gay,” of course.

I don’t know whether to picture dermot as Eric Harris, or as the skinhead who runs a leather shop in Falling Down. “And those muff-divers? Think about it!” I think about it all the time, thanks, but it hasn’t made me into a bug-eyed gender crusader yet.

Edit: On reflection, I feel that including Eric Harris in the discussion of dermot is an unwarranted slight on Eric Harris. I am letting the post stand as is to avoid memory holing, but I want people to know that I’ve reconsidered that particular line of argument. My apologies to Eric.

Ann-Margaret, perhaps?

incidentally, that’s the funniest thing i’ve read all day

You did read the article right? And that there is no transgender Barbie, but the anger is over a survey question? And that you are, therefore, getting all freaked out for nothing?


the article, that is, not koontz’s… very odd reply

I mean, his point was not all that odd of a point… the fact that he made it in response to this particular thread and HOW he made it, that’s what makes it odd