New Type of 360 Error?

Well my 360 has been broken for some time now. I realize broken 360s are not a topic that needs re-treading, however my problem is rather interesting.

This problem first originated when I was watching an Army of Two trailer over live after a long day of R6:V. My screen tinted neon green the second it started. I thought this was simply the trailer however when I went back to the dashboard I found that every color that had green in it was now glowing neon. Now I get no video at all. The audio is fine but the screen is black with grey dots running across. Tech support said they had never heard anything like it. I searched the internet but there was not a single case of this happening. Every thing about my 360 still works (I still get audio and everything). No red lights, no power supply problems. I tried my a/v cables on a different 360 and it worked flawlessly. I tried 2 different a/v hookups. I tried 2 different tvs. I have even tried the “towel trick” at first it would be a temporary fix but now it won’t work at all. I have resigned and am now sending in my 360 for repairs.

I posted this because I thought it was interesting.

My opinion is that it was a failure with the graphics card. What do you all think?

Sounds like the red pin on the console side of the connection failed.

What’s the towel trick?

please elaborate. and its when you overheat the console to resodder the connections and reset the chips, by… wrapping it in towels

Funkula means that one of the component video signals wasn’t getting through to the set. I’ve seen the same effect with a bad cable.

It would have been interesting to see if you had the same problem with the single-line composite signal.

This, sir, is not new.

My starting symptoms were different (septia tones to everything in Forza) but the results the same. What type of screen you see (purple lines or white dots) depends on your cables.