New Universal Combat game announced

From the press release:

DreamCatcher Games to Publish Universal Combat: A World Apart

Brings players even better interplanetary action and graphics

Toronto, Canada - January 14, 2005 - DreamCatcher Games today announced it will publish Universal Combat: A World Apart, the second title in the Universal Combat series. The game will release globally for Windows® in May 2005.

Universal Combat: A World Apart gives hardcore fans an enhanced “Battlecruiser” experience, keeping the flavor of combat, but utilizing newer technologies.

Using a new graphics engine, Universal Combat: A World Apart brings tremendous improvements including new shader based lighting, glow and environment mapping, render paths; along with normal and bump mapping support for various high end assets. It will also offer high definition first-person character models, new first-person weapon models and classes such as machine guns, fixed gun turrets and several new combat weapons. Gamers will also find many new player controlled naval crafts and ground vehicles classes.

Game Features:

· Two mission campaign scenarios: One player as a Terran Insurgent Commander and the other as a Terran Military Elite Force Pilot. Each contains sixteen mission encounters.

· 16 new Instant Action scenarios featuring various careers such as commander, pilot and marine.

· Two new co-op specific multiplayer space based scenarios with support for up to 32 players. A freeform death match scenario is also included.

· Brand new high-definition skeletal based first-person character models, with over 2000 new animations.

· Newly redesigned planetary bases with dozens of new scenery models and assets.

Technology Improvements:

Universal Combat: A World Apart contains all of the latest revisions to the Universal Combat engine, as well as:

• Improved DirectX 9 compliant graphics engine with support for shader model 2.0. Features include glow and environment mapping, texture filtering and full screen anti-aliasing as well as a new high definition lighting model.

• Improved planetary terrain rendering engine

• New DirectX 9 compliant shader based skeletal character animation engine.

• New multiplayer engine with support for an integrated server browser and a built-in game chat lobby system.

• Improved vehicular controls and dynamics model

• Improved NPC artificial intelligence engine and tactical orders system

• New shader based special FX system with new and improved effects that take advantage of the graphics engine improvements.

Developed by 3000AD Inc, Universal Combat: A World Apart has an anticipated ESRB rating of ‘T’ for Teen in North America and an anticipated “12+ PEGI” rating in Europe.


It’s too bad CD’s can’t be used as toilet paper because I’d really love to wipe my ass with this one.

I’m surprised Dreamcatcher is publishing this “game” given the good doktor’s legal shenanigans them last year.

It would be funny if it turned out they were right, though Dr. Smart would never admit it. That setting the price to $20 did increase sales enough to make it the better price. Though there is no way of knowing if those same sales would have occured at $40.

Wasn’t Derek taking Dreamcatcher to court? I thought they were like Donald and Ivana, but without the money.

What in that press releases is supposed to get someone to want to play the game? That they improved the character models? If this was a graphics program that would be a fitting press release, but for a game? Who cares.


How many times will the good DR. release the same game with minor upgrades. When will the good DR. ever develop further some of the concepts he has been rehashing over the years.

Looks like the good DR. had to eat some crow and grovel back to Dreamcatcher. DC must be crazy, or else they must have made a little money from the UC franchise.

Oh yeah, will multi player work this time around??
Oh yeah, and where is the Battlecruiser MMORGP??

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Hey, I don’t fault him for refining and reselling his games. I fault him for being an asshole.

How many different UC-based games have been announced now? I swear this is the third or fourth such announcement.

It will support 32 players in MP? And co-op?

Is it just me or is it impossible to picture this many people playing a Derek Smart Production. Or at least for very long.

The continuing Dreamcatcher relationship is yet another mysterious stage in the business evolution of Derek. I’d bet my soul that he’ll hate them again just before the new game is released.


• Improved NPC artificial intelligence engine and tactical orders system

• New shader based special FX system with new and improved effects that take advantage of the graphics engine improvements.

Oooh, I’m all a twitter.

Or the two had a multi-title publishing contract.

Guys, is Derek an asshole…yes.

But the game is nowhere near as bad as you make it out to be. If the game came from a developer who was nice and personable, you’d be saying good things about it.

ExecutionerFive, stare into this picture for 5 minutes, and repeat - Derek does not make good games.

No matter who, what, if they killed babies, if the person made good games people would play them and like them. Derek doesn’t make good games.