New UnrealEngine features from GDC

Pretty amazing additions. I’ll be very curious to see some real games making use of these things.

Oh hells yeah. Nanite on moving foliage. It’s all coming together.

I’m still amazed nobody, nobody, else seems to be competing with nanite. Few approach lumen either. UE5 is so good!

Imagine what reflections working better will do for horror and puzzle games. This was great, thanks for sharing.

It is really cool stuff, but DF have convinced me that one engine to rule them all is a sad outcome. I can’t blame companies for not waiting to roll their own anymore but I’d love for someone to market a proper Unreal Engine competitor.

What kind of experience should somone have if they want to take a beginner Unreal 5 class?

Would this be your first time using a game engine? Do you have a background in programming or 3D graphics?

Assuming you have a bit of technical knowledge/understanding, UE5 should be ok to get into since most of it is visually guided and lots of things work via drag & drop. You’ll find a ton of how-to tutorials for very specific scenarios along with sample data for free. Especially since you can tap into the vast range of UE4 content out there - Lumen, Nanite and other UE5-specific bits aside, it’s largely applicable to both.

No game engine experience apart from seeing people use them, web dev/design with some programming, no 3D graphics but some 2D. Sounds like the slope will be pretty steep but approachable?

I’d say it’s easier than ever to get into the basics. There’s a ton of tutorials, templates and assets available for free and plenty of online courses from Udemy and the like. The Humble Store regularly features UE-related book/course bundles, so go for it.

@barstein, whaddayaknow.

I’ve seen people who are definitely not programmers use the Blueprints in Unreal to do some pretty cool stuff.