New video card choice

So I just bought a dual core Pentium machine from dell with a widescreen panel and all that jazz blah blah. What my question is that I decided to have it shipped with a 6800 because I wanted to upgrade the card seperately. So, in everyones oppinion, should I buy a x1900 or a 7800 GTX?

I’m leaning towards the 7800 because it’s a fucking beast but the X1900 is kind of looming. any suggestions?

If budget isn’t a concern, go for the X1900. It seems to get better overall performance. It’s a fair bit more expensive, though.

budget isnt a concern really.

If budget is no concern at all then grab a pair of 7800GTX’s. SLI is supported a lot more than Crossfire, so I wouldn’t go Crossfire just yet.

That’ll be close to a grand and not a whole lot faster than a $650 X1900XT, though.

I considered SLI and will probably just get the x1900. The 7800 may be dropping in price soon though.

Buy one of each, judge for yourself, and then buy one of them for everyone who posts in this thread as well.

OK!!! NO!!!

But you said budget wasn’t a concern!

Fine. Buy one of each and give me the one you don’t like. I don’t think I could make a more generous offer, I mean really. But seriously, I just got a 7800 GT (not GTX), and I can’t possibly imagine it being too far behind the times when DX10 rolls around and I buy a new card anyway. Is there really going to be a huge difference between the two?

Compared to a 7800GTX, the X1900 is…
[ul][li]65% faster in F.E.A.R.[/li][li]24% faster in Far Cry[/li][li]17% faster in Battlefield2[/li][li]8% faster in Day of Defeat[/ul][/li]… @ 1920x1440 + 4xAA.

I’m going to be buying a 7800GT. Those cards hover around the $300 mark, and seem to give me the best bang for the buck. Apparently the 7900 series cards are coming out soon so NV will be phasing the 7800 ones out. What this means for price and availability of the 7800’s though, I have no idea. This may even drive the price up if stock becomes limited.

I was planning to buy a 7800GT, but the buzz is that the 7900GTs will be available next month.

yeah, I considered the 7800 just for the reason that the price is going to drop due to the 7900s

Ok, the real question: is the difference between the XT and XTX worth the extra 100 bucks?

No. Save your $100.

And also, a tie in to the other thread, it consumes less power.

I really wanted to upgrade around November but since I had agp and the best I could do was a 6800 and it wasn’t really an upgrade from the ati x800 I had I didn’t jump. However now its been so long, I might was well hold out for Geforce 8xxx series which will be directx10 compatable.