New Video Card Equivalency

I’ve been out of the loop for a bit, and I’m a bit confused about the current crop of video cards, especially with the transition over to PCI-Express. Can someone tell me the equivalency (or throw me a pointer to some place that has a reasonably concise chart/article) between:

NVidia 6x00 series and the older 5x00 series (all the 6x00 are better than the best of the 5x00 more or less, yes?)

ATI (where I’m really lost) Xx00 vs. Radeon 9x00?

My specific question is in regards to laptops; Dell has some new ones out with X300 or X600 graphics, but I have no idea what an X300 or X600 represents? 9800, 9600? What about the X700. I know the X800 series is the current “top of the line” series now, with the X850PE being the ultimate Radeon card (and stupidly, stupidly priced… $700 for a video card?)

Anyone offer up some help?

Yes. And the 6600GT is a really good deal at the midrange, the 6800GT is the high end card that won’t break your bank.

Pretty much the same idea as the Nvidia stuff. But ATI has the real killer card, the X800 XL. The PCI Express version is common, but the AGP one has just started shipping. 16 pipelines, reasonable clock rates and no need (on the PCIe version) for external power.

X300 = 9200
X600 = 9600

X700 = 9800 (8 pipes)

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I’m VERY happy with my 800xl. It runs everything great, except doom 3, which it runs merely decently, but on ultra quality.

HL2 runs like HL1 did on my gforce 4, its silly-fast.

Seconded (thirded?). I just built a system using this card, and I’m very happy with it.

Of course, my old system was so decrepit that anything would be an improvement.