New Video Card - Manufacturers?

It looks like my old video card has died on me - so I need a new one. AGP is my only option, so I’ve settled on the GeForce 6800 GT as probably the best bang for the money I’m willing to spend (up to 300). Needless to say if I can do better, please let me know!

Newegg has about six cards that have the specs I want (AGP, 256 megs memory). Problem is I have no idea what brands are quality. What should I be looking for?


I like BFG. They have a lifetime warranty on the card./

BFG Hands down.

Lifetime warr and really they have some great CS. A friend had a 5500 card of theirs die and he called them and they shipped out a new one the next day. He didnt even have to send the other card back.

Quick search of newegg indicates that BFG only makes PCI-Express 6800 GT cards. Any other manufacturers? The only one I recognized was AOpen, are they any good?

The XFX I got seems a-ok though it’s a PCI-e card. It’s a 6800GT and the installation and whatnot was easy peasy and reasonably well-documented for SLI and all that.


Actually BFG makes an AGP 6800gt cause well I have one.

Bizarre. I’ll have to give newegg a more thorough search. Thanks!

I bought it at bestbuy on the cheap so I dunno about newegg.

I’d look at the evga cards too. Dunno if they agp though but like BFG they offer lifetime warranties now.

Cheapest BFG card I could find was $375 unless this isn’t the same kind of card you wanted.

Edit: “Actual product may very.” LOL