New WeightLifting Supplement

Interesting stuff.

Heh. Of course this is ridiculous in many ways, but, just to mention the most pedantic:

Here’s how it works, the Helium/Creatine Phosphate combines at the molecular level to load into the muscular system by way of H2O…

Helium is a noble gas. Good luck getting it into an organic molecule.

Known helium compounds:

Let me save you the click; there are no known helium compounds.

Umm… you can get Helium and other noble gasses to combine, but not under anything resembling ordinary conditions. Well, I’m not sure about Helium specifically, but there’s a reason why the entire class had a name change from “inert” to “noble” gasses. They will mix, just veeeeeeeeeeeery rarely.

As always, these supplements are still not under the aegis of the FDA or other govt agencies and thus you’ll probably end up buying snake oil. (And lose a liver or kidney in the process.)

Here’s the advantage, with 10 times the normal amount of Helium intergrated into the muscles…your actual weight will be anywhere from 50-75 lbs. LIGHTER than normal due to the body mass index (BMI) being altered. A competitor normally weighing 250 lbs. could weigh in between 175 lbs. to 200 lbs.!

Wow, that’s the lifting power of around 1000 cubic feet of helium! No wonder those dudes in the photos look so puffed up.

It gives a whole new meaning to the term “Airhead”

Oh snap. I should have clicked on the “Ordering Info” link first.

Bugger the drugs, I want that guys shirt!

Like any new product, there is extensive testing being done to promote safe usage. So far, the only reported drawbacks from our test subjects have been higher pitched voices, and in some extreme cases, subjects reported that their urine “floated” in air. I believe both to be of minor consequence given the advanced degree in which the athlete will be able to perform.
Oh my God is this ever bullshit.

Sure, some noble gases will form compounds under extreme conditions, like xenon, for example, but helium really is absolutely inert so far as I can tell from quick web research, e.g. that link. I don’t think there has ever been a helium compound formed under any conditions.

Not even trapped in a buckyball?[size=7]fun[/size]/bobchic6.htm

Shit, just hit the steroids that are coming out of that SF lab. It’s all the rage! Every pro athelete is doin’ it!!