New Win 7 user - the very first things I should do are

OK - just got a cool netbook (Acer 1401) that came with Win 7 Home Premium, and I will be receiving a full version of Win 7 Home Premium in the next few days, with which I will upgrade my main XPS M1710 notebook (moving from XP to Win 7.)

I know there are a couple of bazillion articles out there on optimizing Win 7, but I’d like to ask the people here: what’s the first things to do/set on a new Win 7 machine? I’ve already eliminated the bloatware on the new Acer 1401, and I don’t have any on my XP machine. What do I need to turn on or off in Win 7, etc.?


Unless your pc is very slow, then you just install Windows 7 and then whatever you want/need. And since it’s XP then a clean install is your only option, so you don’t even have to worry if there’s bloat on your machine now.

If it’s a netbook, speed up the UAC prompts by doing this. Otherwise? Not a lot to it.

Install some antivirus software to give you some measure of protection against browser-based attacks.

Install Teracopy. It’s 33% faster in file copies than the native Windows copy method.

Move the taskbar to the left of the screen.