New Wolverine game -- uh

In-game screenshot:

Yeah, I’ll play that. Even despite the really disturbing total lack of blood. (Except maybe a bit on his shirt there.)

But it gets better. According to EGM:

OK now they got my attention proper. What else have people heard?

This can’t be worse than Wolverine’s Revenge, right?

Actually I have heard very, very positive things about this. Enough to put this one solidly on my “one to watch” radar.

Quite possibly one of the few games where regenerating health actually makes sense!

All I know is they had better have an equivalent of Fallout’s “Bloody Mess” option, or this game will be a FAIL no matter how good the rest of it is.

I mean, fuck, the fucker’s claws should be bloody with every single SNIKT if they go all splatterific with it, and is there any other way to go? REREAD WEAPON X, YOU RAVEN DEVELOPERS, YOU! AND HAVE A PARENTAL CONTROL M-RATED UBERBLOOD OPTION!!!

That’s what I’m talking about.

that’s the in-game model, son.

That worries me a little. I’ve seen lots of rendered shots from cinematics that use “in game models” but are rendered out in Maya or whatever. Sure it’s the same geometry and textures, but the lighting and collision detection and animations are all pre-rendered, and it doesn’t look that good when you play. I’ll happily be wrong about it, though. And Raven has the skills to pull off that screenshot, I think.

Well, it’s obviously a posed shot. But I see enough not-smooth edges to believe it’s in-game. It looks great, but I don’t think it’s outside the realms of what we’ve seen in recent games at all.

Haha - movie/comic licence turning out good! That’s funny. After AvP and Riddick, we can’t hope for such luck ever again ;)

Those guys clearly didn’t have enough chest pouches.

I agree.

While I’m all for blood in a Wolverine game, even your excerpt dodges the blood issue by bathing the scene in red light and making the blood almost black.

I would not at all be surprised if you were not disappointed.

As someone who’s been playing some really excellent looking games lately, I’m not the least bit surprised that’s an ingame screenshot. Also, is 1up my dad, or am I just their boy? Or is that a Wolverine thing like “Bub” that was just lost on me?

I don’t know the first thing about these comic books you kids read, but in the movies, I was also puzzled* by the bloodlessness of having a guy with razor claws for knuckles punching people. If it’s going to be so bloodless, they might as well give him little titanium mallets for knuckles instead.


  • Actually, I wasn’t puzzled, but I was keenly aware that I was watching a PG13-rated movie.

I thought the attack on the school in X2 managed to be incredibly brutal, despite the lack of blood.

You’re everybody’s boy Tom.

Those might look a little odd when they’re retracted.

True enough. So then, let’s please combine this:

With this:

I require sickening amounts of gore here, people.

Keil, I sure hope you didn’t fuck up your double negative, because you’ve got my… er… blood pumping.

You had me at

Raven Software

Yes, somehow it did pull it off. I really felt for the guys storming the place. Poor bastards.