New World Order

The review is out:

Not surprisingly it got one of the lowest scores I remember seeing at G-Spot in quite some time.

Does anyone know what happened with this title? I remember it was anounced not long after CS settled in and quite a few people were excited about it. The gameplay and engine were supposed to be state-of-the-art, Termites’ guys were giving interviews and all seemed fine. Then nothing was heard for a couple of years until the notoriously unplayable demos, threads deleted at their forums for mentioning incompatibilities and generally bad PR all around.

It almost seems as if it went from a serious project to someone finishing the thing out of contractual obligations.

Was there some kind of falling-out with the team or publishers? Just curious…


That early coverage was likely from the VE crowd and solely based on what the developer promised and screenshots.

Who knows about “falling outs,” but it’s also possible the developer just isn’t that good.

Whooooahhh boy… what I could tell you about New World Order…


Why aren’t you then? We want to hear it!

Dish, girlfriend! Dish!

Dish, girlfriend! Dish![/quote]

The public has a right to know!

Sorry, I’ve just always wanted to say that :mrgreen: